Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Winner of 2013's Post Popularity Contest!

I may be slightly odd. Okay, I know I am, but everyone is odd compared to someone's idea of even, so it would be odd if I weren't odd. So, odd or not, I want to share the winners of a contest you didn't know existed - a popularity contest between over 50 posts for the position of "The Most Popular of 2013." The competition was fierce, and it was based on the sheer number of views. Newer posts got no handicaps, even though they've had less time to accumulate reads.

Current standings for the week. The bottom
three spots are occupied by some of my most
greedy 2012 posts.
As you've probably noticed (unless your observations skills are as unreliable as mine), there are always four posts listed to the right, under "popular posts." Those are the ones with the most views in the past week. I look at it as a competition between posts, vying for attention. Often, old posts from 2012 (or even 2011) take at least three of the four spots. It's completely unfair, if you ask me, especially since they get a lot of their views from people who want screenshots. It's time for them to step down and give the newbies a chance at true popularity.

Sometimes, a newer post elbows its way to the top, and stays in the top four... until 8 days after it was posted. For example, as I write this, "Rewind: the Wallflower" has first place. Second, third, and fourth places are held by greedy 2012 posts, so it's a little lonely. Unfortunately, it will probably fade into near oblivion by Saturday.

I decided to only list the top ten posts of the year, perhaps with honorable mentions. But, as of December 30, 2013, when I made this list, there were three posts tied for 9th place. They all got to be included. Lucky them.

Without further ado, the grand prize for "Most Popular of 2013" goes to...

1. "My Little Monster: Unconditional Love" - posted June 22
As I watched My Little Monster, I noticed similarities between Haru's love for Shizuku and God's love for me and others. God loves us because He chooses to, not because of anything we have to offer. Similarly, it seems that Haru loves Shizuku for no reason except that he's chosen her.

Congrats, post! As a prize, you get... well, uh... maybe a few more views? Uh... yeah, let's go with that. Moving on....

Runners up:

2. "Watamote and Feeling Left Behind" - posted Aug. 11, 2013
In which I wrote about growing up, feeling left behind, and the most angst-filled show of the year, Watamote. I didn't end up finishing the show, but that was a story for a different blog post, one that didn't make the top ten.

3. "A Soul too Big to Comprehend" - posted June 28, 2013
A post about Soul Eater and connections I made about it. First, I noted its absurdities. Like the creepy sun. Then I thought about Lord Death's giant soul, Maka's limited perspective, God, rules that shouldn't be broken, and Genesis 3. When I wrote this, I'd seen about 13 episodes. I'm a lot further along now, although I still haven't finished. I guess I'll make that my New Year's Resolution: Finish Soul Eater! And Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. That's my second resoultion... don't look at me like that! I know I should be long done with it by now! I got distracted, okay? Besides, that's not what this post is about. Pay attention to the other winning posts. They'll feel left out. 

4. "Hi. I'm a Christian Aniblogger" - posted Oct. 1, 2013
I feel like we Christian anibloggers are part of a rare breed. When I'm online, there's support. I know who many of the other Christian anibloggers are, and you obviously know me if you're reading this. But when I talk to people offline, I realize how few of us there actually are in comparison to the total population. I have to slow down, explain what I watch and write about, and define terms if they're willing to listen. In fact, anibloggers in general don't exactly have dominant numbers, even though it can feel like we do when we're all online Tweeting and reading and commenting.

5. "Naruto is Back! (again)" - posted July 19
I predict that this post will be one of the greedier ones from 2013. When those 2012 posts fade away and 2014 posts scramble for the top, "Naruto is Back!" will do its best to block the way. People tend to search for pictures of Naruto characters. This post doesn't have a ton of substance to it. Mostly, I simply dissolved into one of my rare fangirl states as I celebrated the end of another bout of fillers. Looking back at my statement about Tobi, I notice the obvious hints about who he really was. Sheesh. I can't believe I didn't see it! Then again, maybe his real identity was in one of the spoilers I read, and I was suppressing the memory.

6. "Phases of Fandom: Enjoying Cheesiness" -  June 2
I'm only really talking about the top five posts, but I wanted to comment on this one, because it was sort of a new beginning for me. It was my first post in five months, but after this, I blogged with renewed energy. Since June 2nd, I've rarely gone more than a week without posting, even after school started back up. That's a new record!

7. "Dear Extroverted Friends" - Nov. 10

8. "Chihayafuru 2, Friendship Changes, and Finishing Thoughts" - July 9

9. "Rewind: Hetalia" - Oct. 4

IX. "Advice from Anime: Join a Club" - Aug. 25

九. "Rewind: Lucky Star" - July 25

10. "Gargantia: What it Means to be Human" - July 11

Well, that was fun. Please join me in congratulating the lucky posts. Round of applause, everyone!

Seriously, though, 2013 was a great year for blogging. Or at least, the last six or so months were. I've enjoyed posting more regularly. It's encouraging to realize that I can (sort of) consistently meet deadlines and quotas I set for myself as a writer. I've enjoyed meeting new anibloggers this year, too, and reading more from anibloggers I knew before. I haven't had as much time to read blogs or write posts as I might like. Fiction writing has been pushed aside, too. I'm learning about balance and priorities. But I've made progress in how I juggle various responsibilities and hobbies. By this time next year, I hope to be doing even better.

Thank you for a great year of aniblogging, everyone. I look forward to seeing what anime and blog posts come in 2014. Happy New Year!

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  1. Hope you have a great New Year and keep up the good work with Annalyn's Thoughts!


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