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Liebster Awards/Questions from Another Blogger

1. Link back to the blogger who nominated you
2. Answer the 11 questions given to you by the blogger who nominated you.
3. Nominate 11 other bloggers I'm too shy.
4. Go to the blogs you nominated and notify them of your nomination.
5. Give your nominees 11 questions to answer.

Silvachielf of The Geek Clinic nominated me for this well over a week ago. I can't believe it's already been that long... but Christmas break has been busier than planned, and rule #3 made me hesitate until I crossed it out. Sometimes, being shy means I become a rebel and break the rules. This is one of the times.

11 Questions from Silvachief

1. If you were no longer able to blog about what you do now, what would you blog about?

I'd blog about books and movies, I suspect. I'd post poems and bits of stories. I'd probably write a lot more about my faith (yeah, I know I already write about that, but I'd probably have a different target audience, so what I include would be slightly different). Oh, and I'd love to write to Christians about how we live out our faith online.

2. What is your favorite quote from an anime/visual novel/other?

Um... that's hard. I looked through a list of quotes I have on my desktop, and none of them stuck out to me. There are probably some buried in my blog posts that I'm forgetting. The only quote that really comes to mind isn't from an anime or anything like that, but from a show from the 80's: The A-Team.

"No means the same thing in over three quarters of the civilized world. For the life of me, I can't figure out why you have such a terrible time getting a grip on it."
- Minor character, whose name I didn't catch. The A-Team, Season 2, Ep 10

3. If you could gather everyone on your blogroll in one place, where would it be and why?

An anime convention. I've never been to one before, and several people on my blogroll would be able to show me the ropes. Plus, there would be plenty to do, so it would be easy to avoid awkward standing around and such. Our shared interests would probably help us skip the scary pleasantries and go straight to talking about the fun stuff. But still, a group of people... and if I'm the one doing the gathering... I don't do that. I don't initiate get-togethers very often. When other people initiate it, it's less stressful to me. So, really, I'd be happy with gathering anywhere, so long as it was safe and I wasn't responsible for it.

4. A 2-way dimensional rift has opened outside your house. Which fictional universe would you want it to connect to? 

Middle-Earth. Specifically, to the Shire in peaceful days long before or after Frodo had the Ring. It seems like a lovely place to relax.

Now, if I were to pick an anime universe, it would have to be Naruto's. Why? It's the first place on my mind, of course. Also, I could get all sorts of juicy insider pieces to share on my blog. Maybe even write a book about it.

Wait a second... it's a 2-way dimensional rift. Meaning people from Naruto's side could come over here. Nuh-uh. What if someone from the crazy Uchiha clan decided to cross? Or someone of Orochimaru's ilk? Even Granny Tsunade could be a catastrophic guest if she had too much to drink. I do not want to be responsible for that.

So, actually, I'd prefer it if the rift opened to Kuroko's universe, or maybe a universe that included all the sports anime I've watched. I think I'd actually keep an eye on professional sports in such a world. And, since it's not fantasy or sci-fi, I wouldn't have to worry about some evil villain (or drunk Hokage) messing things up here.

5. What is the story behind your avatar name?

A while back, I was playing with names for a story idea (one of many story ideas that flopped after the first scene). I liked "Annalyn" for one of my characters. It sounded pretty, it fit the mood, "Anna" means grace, and "Lyn" means beautiful. I thought I was being somewhat original, too, by combining the two names. By the time I thought to Google "Annalyn" to see how popular the name was, I was already stuck with it on multiple platforms. First, it was my name on the game Realm of Empires, and I held onto it after that. I sometimes wish that I had a less realistic username, because people might assume my real name is Annalyn, and it's not. But this is part of who I am now, and I won't replace it.

6. Do you have any phobias, fictional or otherwise?

I hate making phone calls, especially to people I don't know well, especially if I'm asking for something. I often map out exactly what I'll say if they answer, and what I'll say if it goes to voice mail. I don't break down in tears before calling anymore - actually, I think I only did that once. But it can still be traumatic if the circumstances aren't right.

7. If you could conquer any one country, which one would it be?

Sealand! It's small, and I would not be responsible for many subjects. I'd probably ignore the handful of citizens, unless they wanted to help me convert the place to an introvert's haven. Alternatively, I'd conquer some oppressed country that I believed I could truly help. I'd enjoy kicking a tyrant out.

8. Which super power would you like to have?

I'd like to fly. Then I wouldn't have to drive to school when I start commuting. I dislike driving almost as much as I dislike calling people. I think I could get over my discomfort with heights if it meant I didn't have to drive. Of course, I'd really need to fly at a decent speed for it to be worthwhile. Otherwise, I'd like to turn invisible.

9. If you could be any other fictional race, which would you be?

I'd be a hobbit. No, an elf of Rivendell, with access to books and history and pleasant waterfalls.
This is Ridgy. He's 3/4 Bichon Frise, 1/4 Yorkie, 100%
spoiled prince.

10. Which 3 animals would you most like as pets?

A dog. I have one already (my family has three total).

A cat (if someone else took care of the litter box).

A ninja dog. Those don't count as pets.

Nyanko-sensei Actually, I think he's above being called a pet, too.

A tame polar bear. Of course, I'd need a proper place and food for him. But ignoring all the practical details, I think a polar bear would be really nice to snuggle with. Plus, I'd never have to worry about crooks. Polar bear would protect me.

11. You find yourself in the waiting room at The Geek Clinic. Why are you there?

I've clearly gone nuts. The Geek Clinic is a blog. If there is a secret waiting room that I don't know about, it is virtual. So either I'm crazy, or I'm stuck in the internet. Help! Get me out!


Well, that was fun. Some of these questions got my imagination going. Thanks for the nomination, Silvachief!

Moving on now...

Questions for YOU

There might be a few blogs that I'd link to here, but the ones I'm not too shy to nominate either (a) have lots of followers already, (b) have already done this at least once, (c) haven't been updated in a while, (d) would look lonely here because I wouldn't come up with more than one or two links, or (e) multiple of the above. So, I'm going to list questions below, and if you want to answer them on your blog, I hereby nominate you! Just make sure you let us know in a comment, so the other readers and I can see your answers. I'll then edit this post to link to your blog. Or you can answer some of the questions in the comments below. Or in Facebook comments. Or anywhere.

1. What's one thing you've learned from blogging? Maybe it's something you learned about yourself, or anime, or blogging, or humanity. I'd love to hear!

2. If you've seen (or read) Attack on Titan, which branch of the army would you be in: Survey corps, Garrison, or Military Police? Why? If you haven't seen Attack on Titan, what rock were you living under this summer? Or do you just avoid violent shows?

3. What anime/manga/etc. character would you like to have as a roommate?

4. Do you promote your blog across multiple social media platforms? Which ones do you prefer? (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+....)

5. Is there an anime that you always find yourself recommending to your friends? A title that you practically command people to try?

6. Anime-Planet, My Anime List, neither, or both?

7. Are there any terms used by otaku that you still aren't sure you understand well enough to use? Can you easily incorporate words like "yandere" into conversation?

8. What do you like most about your current blogging platform?

9. What do you not like? Do you every wish you'd chosen a different platform?

10. If you're on Twitter, how do you feel about the appearance of pictures in the home feed? Do you miss the days when you had to click on a Tweet in order to see the picture? If you're not on Twitter, why not?

11. All the anime you are currently watching (or will watch during the next season) are in danger of suddenly ending. There will be no episodes after the one you just watched, and even that will soon be wiped from the internet. You have the power to save one show, and only one. Which do you choose?


Consider yourself nominated for the Liebster Awards. Or, if you don't want to answer all the questions, you can answer one or two in the comments. I'm really curious to read some answers!


  1. Thanks for participating =)

    You're the first person who's noticed the 2-way issue with the dimensional rift. Approximately 5 other bloggers' homes are being torn apart by fictional villains and there's nothing they can do about it >.<

    Also, I hadn't realized you were a Lord of the Rings fan ^_^

    1. I've seen too many anime - and other cartoons and TV shows - to think that a dimensional rift should be taken lightly.

      Yup, definitely a LOTR fan! I watched them with my dad when I was about 11 and I've loved them ever since. I've enjoyed watching The Hobbit, and I'd like to read the books again. I might re-attempt The Silmarillion someday, but that's a summer project.

    2. I've only ever read a comic version of The Hobbit. Real fans seem to hate when I say that XD

    3. Hey, that's still better than most people. Although, I will say that I found The Hobbit to be the most readable and enjoyable of the books, so it's the one I recommend to anyone who hasn't read Tolkien's work. The books enrich the experience, in my opinion, but the movies are amazing enough in their own right.


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