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If you need to contact me for blog-related stuff, you can email me at Or you can find me in one of the places I linked to below. After all, I had a lot of fun putting together those widgets and such. I'd like them to be put to good use. 

Where is Annalyn now?

Writing about anime and my faith on Beneath the Tangles. Also, the links below are still valid (as of April 2016).

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If you're so inclined, click on my Anime-Planet signature below to check out my custom lists, old anime reviews, and recommendations. This site is a life saver for any active anime fan; it's the only way I can keep track of all the anime I watch and want to watch. Plus, it's a great way to find and make recommendations.

Annalyn's anime, manga, reviews, recommendations, blogs and lists at Anime-Planet - anime | manga | reviews

Yes, in case you're wondering, I do get a kick out of the fact that I can put code in the middle of this page and have it come out looking right. I get to play web developer! "Play" being the key term here, since I can't do much besides copy and paste code for widgets and buttons. Nonetheless, I enjoy myself immensely. Plus, it looks really impressive when you see it in "HTML" mode instead of "Compose" mode!

If I can think of any reason at all, I will find more to add here.

I'll see you around!

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