Friday, January 3, 2014

Rewind: Earl and Fairy

I greatly enjoyed Earl and Fairy when I watched it three years ago. The main character, Lydia, is still my profile picture on most websites, including Anime-Planet and Twitter. I no longer remember the scenes that so delighted me, but I liked it more for the fairytale effect than the quality of plot. Honestly, at the time, all I wanted in my shoujo anime was entertainment, preferably a few giggle-worthy scenes, and a hint of fairytale feelings.

I'm so used to Lydia representing me, I have
a hard time replacing her with a different
profile picture, although I've tried.
Something else I find noteworthy: Earl and Fairy aired in 2008. I've noticed that many of the shoujo anime I loved so much aired between 2006 and 2009, with a few outliers. These shows all share something in tone, style, or humor, and they're the ones I think of when I think of shoujo anime. I can't think of anything that aired after 2010 that capture me the same way. Then again, my tastes have changed a surprising amount in the past couple years, so I don't know if even Earl and Fairy or The Wallflower or any of the others would still capture me like they used to.

Anyway, since I barely remember Earl and Fairy, I'll redirect you to my old Anime-Planet review of the show. I gave it a 6/10, and I recognized that even that was probably generous. I'm slightly embarrassed when I look back at my Anime-Planet reviews, including this one. I'd read a lot of other reviews, and I think I was mimicking them a little in my attempts to get technical. Oh well. I still found my review informative to read, since I'd forgotten so much in the last couple years. I'm pretty sure that I only remember Lydia's name because she's my profile picture.


  1. I finally know who your avatar is!!! Funny thing is that I read and loved the manga, but didn't even know there was an anime.

    1. Very few people guess who my avatar is. I think those who do are just glad to find someone else who knows about Earl and Fairy. :)

      I hadn't paid attention to the fact there was a manga. My guess is that reading the manga would beat watching the anime - it probably feels a little less rushed.


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