Thursday, July 25, 2013

Rewind: Lucky Star

No, Konata isn't really a cheerleader.

Lucky Star. The very mention of this anime transports me back two years, to a room in my snowbird grandparents’ Mexico vacation home. There’s a beach a short walk away, and the cute town proper begins just a block or two from the house. But I’ll let Mom, Dad, and Lil Sis explore without me. I can savor Mexico and family later. Right now, I’m savoring the best part of spring break. All of my responsibilities lay thousands of miles away, in a different country and a different life. I’m free to completely relax here.

 I lounge on my cot, careful not to bump my head on the counter in my grandparents’ office/makeshift guest room. The fan is on, giving me at a little relief from the hot climate. Still, my skin is sticky with sweat, and my warm computer isn’t helping things. 

I don’t mind. I adjust my position on top of the bedding every now and then, just happy to be alone, without phone service, with no worries about mom reminding me of some responsibility or another. Heat is of little concern. There’s no one around, so I don’t feel self conscious about sweat. I can focus on me. Best of all, the anxious pressure in my chest decided to take a vacation of its own. It appears that, when I escaped the homework and college applications, I escaped most of my anxiety, too. 

Some of the shows on my favorite streaming sites aren’t available in Mexico. Lucky Star, however, is. I saw it recommended on Anime-Planet after watching The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi, I believe. A-P users rated it pretty high, so I decide to give it a shot. The “slice of life” tag makes me hesitate, since I’m still learning that I like more genres than I once thought, but it looks like the good signs outweigh the bad signs. 

From Lucky Star's OP, which has lyrics with little meaning
as the cute characters dance in various locations wearing
their school uniforms... and then cheerleading uniforms.

It’s amusing. Calm, with very little plot, but amusing. The OP, "Motteke Sailor Fuku!” is fun both to listen to and watch. I don’t realize it yet, but this music will become almost as memorable to me as “ROCKS” from Naruto, with the same power to travel back in time. 

I love these characters. Konata, the main character, is an otaku. She prioritizes her games and other otaku activities over school... over most things, actually. Her friends have a lot of screen time, too, and I’m glad. Like Konata, they each have their quirks, from sleepyhead Tsukasa to her responsible twin to the clumsy pink-haired girl. They’re all cute and fun to watch.

Everything about this show is laid back, going exactly my speed as I relax over spring break. The twenty-four episodes cover many months of the girls’ lives, but nothing is rushed. Like I mentioned earlier, there isn’t much plot, so there isn’t much that can be rushed.

And yet, I am not bored. I’m surprised how much I enjoy a show where very little happens. The chuckles and smiles it brings can’t possibly be enough to carry me over two seasons. Is it the otaku references? The good feeling? I can’t quite put my finger on why I love Lucky Star so much. It doesn’t really matter. When I finish, I rate it five stars and brows the A-P recommendations, hoping for more. 
Nothing else brings quite the same feeling. The closest match is probably Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi and related titles. In fact, some of the other suggestions, including the popular K-On!, lose my interest after only an episode or two. 
I’m back to July 25, 2013 again. I planned to spend only 15 to 20 minutes on this post; 30 minutes, tops. But it’s already been 35 minutes, and I haven’t even edited or found pictures yet. I couldn’t stop writing even a second earlier. The memories were too calming, too happy to leave behind. I clearly need to re-watch this series. In fact, I’ve already started. I’ll have to watch a few episodes while I clean my room... hopefully this blissful, peaceful anime won’t put me in too relaxed a state. Otherwise, I might collapse on my bed before I get very much done. 
If you have not watched Lucky Star, I must recommend you make a point to see it soon. It’s a perfect anime for a lazy summer afternoon.


In case you missed it, last Thursday, I started my first weekly Rewind post with one about Naruto. I really couldn't start this post series with any other anime, considering that Naruto was my first anime love. As usual, I'd love to hear your thoughts. I really like this weekly schedule so far, but your opinion of it is just as important to me as my own.


  1. Unfortunately I can't comment on Lucky Star, having not seen it, but I completely understand your first points about relaxing during the holidays.
    When people ask me about how hard my courses are, I always tell them that the work (though there is lots of it) isn't what gets me; it's the constant thought of there being something that I need to do or remember that wears me out.
    That feeling of being able to relax with the knowledge that you have no responsibilities and that no one is going to interrupt whatever you're doing is unbeatable. Sadly, something tells me that it's going to be harder and harder to find moments like that as time passes.

    1. It is an unbeatable feeling indeed. I have to make sure I always work times like that into my schedule, when I can forget about any responsibilities and relax. Otherwise, the stress compounds. It takes little more planning when the course load is heavier or there's other busyness and things on my mind, but the planning is worth it.


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