Thursday, September 12, 2013

Rewind: Working!!

When I think of comedy anime, I think of Working!!. I first watched it three years ago, and I laughed so much it hurt.

Working!! has been on my mind a bit lately as I follow the currently airing Servant x Service. They're from the same mangaka, so it's no surprise that the humor and style is similar. The OP and ED are fantastic in both, too. 

Now, I'm going to spend my remaining brain energy on homework, so here's my old Anime-Planet review for Working!!. Keep in mind that it was my very first review, so I may have been overly generous with the score. Yet I'm not sure I could rate it much lower. I think Working!! and its sequel deserve more popularity than they have. So does Servant x Service, for that matter. 

What's your favorite comedy anime?


  1. Working!! is definitely one of the best comedies I've seen. It's not only incredibly funny, but I also liked the development some of the characters got, particularly the relationship between Souta and Inami.

    That said, my favorite comedy anime is Nichijou; my blog's name is taken from a quote from the show, after all.

    1. I liked the characters, period, and the fact that they developed a bit just kept them interesting. I agree that Souta and Inami's relationship was fun to watch.

      I think I may have tried Nichijou, but I must not have been in the mood. I intend to retry it... someday. :)

  2. Are those two shows from the same mangaka? I had no idea! Working! is one of my favorite series, period, while I couldn't even make it through the first episode of Servant x Service.

    My favorite comedy is Genshiken...if that counts as comedy rather than slice of life.

    1. Yep, I think I discovered the shared authorship on Frank's blog near the beginning of the season, which is the whole reason I tried it. I think Servant x Service gets better as it goes along. I haven't loved it the same way I loved Working!!, but it's not too far behind. Like Working!!, the show explores some interesting (even heartwarming) work relationships among the laughter.

      Goodness, I really need to try Genshiken again, too. I've seen it come up so much!


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