Sunday, February 20, 2011

My Recent Decrease in Blog Posts

In the past two weeks, with my limited time on the internet, I have re-discovered my love of reading. I have read over a dozen books (not including about as many volumes of manga), spending about as much time reading as I usually spend watching anime. After coming down with what I think is Influenza B, I re-discovered live action movies. I can't believe I never saw The Matrix before this!

All that to say... I've been procrastinating. When I have to go downstairs to hook up to the internet and take care of all my online business in one sitting, my normally high procrastination level doubles. Emails, blogging, that online game that I really want to quit (but can't cold turkey because of its multi-player nature)... I've been avoiding all of it. As much as I love blogging, I avoid it. So I decided to take this small window of time I have online to write a quick post and say: I wrote a few entries in my journal. When I return to the online world, I may turn them into blog posts if I still like them. I should be back on pace in a few days.

This post was spur of the moment, and not written to be a masterpiece. Just an quick update before I turn the internet back off. :)

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