Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Well Developed Conflict

In the past few months, the quantity of my reading plummeted. This summer, I hope to rectify that and pick out some free book from the library in the process.
I wanted to share a few lines from a book I borrowed from Dad, as well as my response to them. I quote them from the 527th page of Robert Jordan's The Eyes of the World:

- "Well, we're there." He swept a hand out in front of them in a grand gesture. "Caemlyn, the grandest city in the world." -

With those words, I think I felt some fraction of what two of the characters, Mat and Rand, felt. First came relief. After several confrontations, pains, and exhausting journeys, they finally reached their stop. But apprehension quickly joins this relief. Wait awaits them here? Will they find their friends? Or will darkfriends or the deceitfully-named Children of the Light find them first?

Either way, I have to stop laying around and get ready for the day.

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