Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Clan Bonding

As I mentioned before, I play an entertaining, strategic, intricate game called Realm of Empires.
In this game, you attack and conquer other players' villages, and build up and defend your own villages. Currently, I hold the title "Crown Princess" and have 41 villages at last count (in the beginning, I was a serf with 1 village).
To become strong and keep the game interesting, you can form or join clans. You can communicate with eachother through private messaging (like email) or in the clan forum. My clan in Realm 4 is called ~The Roman Empire~.
We have fun together in both war and peace. One of our forum threads, "My Hill," is under our "Games" section. We "fight" over a hill and come up with absurb and imaginative "attacks." Here is my latest post in the forum:

The UN turns down your request, seeing as you just slaughtered such a multitude and are just as much a part of the violence as the rest of us. Any other support you may have had sees the foolishness of following you and leaves, taking any weapons and defense with them to sell on e-bay.

You, Elitedragoon, are left in solitude on the hill without so much as a scrap of metal to defend yourself with, nor a crumb of bread to eat. I see this pitiful state and have mercy, giving you a quick death and a peaceful grave covered with flowers.

My loyal troops (including the graceful yet viciously strong faries) set up a beautiful garden for guests alongside strong fortifications.

My hill

Stating "My hill" at the end of a post is an integral part of the process. Anyway, I enjoy it. I wonder how the other members of the clan will respond...?

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