Friday, October 24, 2008

Live With. Live Alone.

Run from the world
Run and be hid
No responsibility
No worries
No fear

Ignore your troubles
Leave them behind
Flee from the crowd
Don’t need them
Don’t care

Crawl into your safe spot
Dream a fantasy
Go far far away
To your land

Does real life really matter?
Do I need to care?
Don’t think
Don’t feel

Go away, world
Leave me alone
Let me fold into a ball
And sleep

Stop knocking
You’re not welcome
I told you to go
Thinking is hard
Life is too full

I know the world can be good
I know I shouldn’t shun
Yet caring is work
I’m too tired to care
Later; Come back later

Friends so kind
Friends so loud

Let them in
Say hello
You can leave them later
Laugh and play

Joke with them
Be social
Converse and work
Part of the world

By yourself later
Meditate on truth
Be grateful for those you love
Before you leave
The world

Then be alone
Then don’t think
Then laze around
Then leave
You can pretend


  1. I love it. I can relate to it. :)

  2. Oh, Alexis! I love your poem, it's so beautiful! <3

  3. Oh, Alexis! Your poem is so beautiful! I love it! <3


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