Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I Miss You

I miss your smile
I miss you jokes
I miss your play
And hearing your thoughts

I didn't think
It would be this hard
With you there
And me here

I know there's a reason
I know there's a purpose
So I thought I'd be

I can't understand
.................Though I want to
I can't make it change
.................Though I miss you

I can, however, visit
And you can visit me
Why can't time tick faster,
Then slow when we're together?

I've survived
I've got God
And we'll see eachother

You hold on
I'll hold on
We'll both hold on
'til then


  1. What inspired such a sad, heartfelt poem? It was beautiful Alexis.

  2. Thanks. I'm just missing the friends that have moved away.

  3. awww...but i find a TYPO!!! second stanza, or w/e. i miss u too alexis my dear, but 3 hours away wont keep me back!! NO WAY!! :D friends 4ever!! :)


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