Sunday, June 9, 2013

If I Had Shadow Clones, I Would...

I watched episode 311 of Naruto Shippuden yesterday. It wasn’t my favorite episode, since it wasn’t from the main plot (although, if a show is mostly fillers, backgrounds, and flashbacks, can we even call the actual story the “main” plot?). Plus the biggest conflict involved the old bathhouse tropes: peeping toms, body shape envy... you know the drill. It was also supposed to set up the Road to Ninja movie, which I’m in no hurry to watch anyway.

But I can’t complain too much. Shikamaru had a few lines, and I love that particular ninja. He’s so cool, and thoughtful... I love how he cleared his throat when he noticed his friends starting to talking about their moms wanting them home for dinner. No need to make Naruto feel lonelier about his ramen diet.

Anyway, there was a scene when poor Naruto was about to eat his instant ramen all alone on his day off. Bored, he decided to make two shadow clones to play a card game with him: winner would get the special limited edition ramen. Leave it to Naruto to garner both sympathy and amusement from the audience within a single second.

Some in the audience felt a third emotion, though: envy. We want shadow clones! One commenter said that if he had a shadow clone, he could both stay in bed and go to school. Sorry, pal, but that particular use of a clone has been dreamed about for decades. I’d like to hear other things people would do with shadow clones.

I can think of ten uses off the top of my head:

  1. I’d have a real me to argue with when I nag myself to get homework done or go to bed. My shadow clone would literally drag me out from under my covers.
  2. We could multitask in the kitchen and focus on more dishes at once... and talk to people without losing count of cups of flour.
  3. I’d have a panel of Annalyns to talk with when I’m stuck with my writing. We could even role play, with each me being a different one of my characters, and another one writing down everything we did. That would be such a fun way to brainstorm!
  4. I could play Boggle with myself, since my family won’t play me anymore.
  5. My shadow clone could count how many reps of certain exercises I do, so I can focus on form and breathing.
  6. I could get two more Twitter accounts with the same profile pictures and similar names, set my clones up on different devices, and argue with myself. I could do the same thing on Facebook. 
  7. We’d play duets on the piano.
  8. I could pretend I’ve found my long-lost twin, then, on April Fool’s Day, lock her up and announce to my friends that she’s under observation to make sure she’s not evil.
  9. We could surround my dog when he runs off and refuses to come back in, instead of resorting to bribery.
  10. I’d always have someone to unashamedly fangirl with about anime and otome games.
What would you do if you could conjure up shadow clones as easily as Naruto can? 

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