Monday, September 22, 2008


On Friday night, I squeezed myself into one of Mom and Dad's dates. Now, I don't normally do that. I usually relish the time that I have the house to myself. But this Friday night was a very special night.
After accompanying my parents to Costco, the movies, and Cold Stone, we went to the crown jewel of Bend: Barnes 'n' Noble. The bookstore was open abnormally late. For you see, a very special book was scheduled to come out at 12:01 Saturday morning. That book was Brisingr, third masterpiece of the Inheritance Cycle.
We arrived at Barnes 'n' Noble and participated in the Scavenger hunt. Mom found some history books, and Dad (who is also and Inheritance fan) sat down to relieve his painful ankle of pressure. Around 11:15, us night owls lined up it participation. A couple of the boys ahead in line peeked over the counter to catch glimpses of the book. I barely restrained myself. Then an employee started to count down to the long-awaited minute. "3-2-1!" The line surged ahead. I handed Mom my money, who handed it to the cashier, and the book was mine!
At last! The long awaited hour had come! I pulled Brisingr out of the bag at stared at it. Love at first sight. It was a hard-back beauty with 748 pages of suspense, love, action, and friendship. And it was mine. When we boarded our Honda Element, and pulled out my reading light as swiftly as could be and prepared to embark on the adventure of a lifetime.
Although I was allowed to read in the car, I was forced to relinquish my book soon after arriving home. My parents wanted me to be responsible and go to sleep and then do chores before again immersing myself in the world of Eragon.
When I did open Brisingr, I was swept away. At times I laughed with pure glee in the story. Before I was halfway finished, I knew that Paoloni outdid himself. He capture the thoughts not only of Eragon and Roran, but also of Sapphira, and even Glaedr. I would disclose more, however, I do not wish to spoil the experience for those who have yet to read it.
Please note that I exaggerated parts of my story. Please to not discard your view of me as a sensible person.

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