Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Who's Choice?

Whose Choice?
Another Look at Abortion

“Pro-family, Pro-child, Pro-choice!” Really? I believe that too!
Oh. You meant “Pro-my-family-if-I-can-still-have-a-baby-when-I-want-to, Pro-not-adopted-children-in-certain-homes, Pro-selfish choice!” I understand now. I don’t believe that. When I say “Pro-family, Pro-child, Pro-choice,” I mean, “Pro-families-that-couldn’t-be-if-not-for-adoption, Pro-live-child, Pro-Father’s-baby’s-potential adoptive parents’-choice!”
Abortion is a violation of rights. All humans, whatever race, age, or disability, have the right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” If you are a patriotic American, you probably believe that. You have the right to those three things. Your mother is not supposed to choose whether you pursue happiness. You are. It’s your choice.
In our fine country, there are two age groups who are in the most danger of dying: Those who have lived past eighty, and those who are still comfortable in their mothers’ wombs. My Great-grandmother will probably die in the next decade. It’s morose, but true. No one has any choice in the matter, not even her. The little baby curled up in Samantha’s womb has made it to five months. There will probably be no miscarriage. But is he safe? No. About 3,700 babies are killed every day in America, usually because they would be inconvenient for the mother. Is abortion the baby’s choice? No.
In abortion, where are the father’s rights? The baby was made by two cells, from two different people. The mother carries the treasure, but the treasure is not her own. Men are wired with the need to protect their children. They may agree to, or even push for, abortion, in which case it is their choice, yet in doing so they violate part of themselves. So what about the father? Is his choice considered?
A common explanation for abortion is that the mother is unable to care for the baby. The child would grow up unwanted, without proper care, and possibly even abused. What if I told you there was a way out of such a fate that did not include murder? So many people long to be parents, but can’t have babies. A so called “unwanted” child is actually very wanted, even if they have disabilities.
Alright then, what about the woman’s right to choose? My response is, is it really their right? Unborn babies do not have the same DNA as their mother, and therefore are their own person. If a woman was holding a newborn baby, is it her right to choose to drop the baby down a flight of stairs? No. Here is what I view as the woman’s choice: Keep the baby, or give the baby to a pair of loving parents.
I am pro-family. I would consider myself more pro-child than many people, and I’m definitely pro-choice. I simply consider other choices. So next time you hear, “Pro-family, pro-child, pro-choice,” think of my definitions. The wrong choice could cost a life.

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