Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I was feeling a bit passionate...

Warning: If you are pro-abortion, this post may offend you. That is a good thing, no offense.

The Guilty, the Accomplice, the Victim

They are baby killers! And they get away with it every day! How dare they! They ought to be locked up in prison for the rest of their lives! Murderers! They take life into their own hands for the sake of money! Woe to them, for they will be punished for their sins.

They choose ignorance over knowledge. They are both selfish and foolish. They have their babies killed in order to avoid inconvenience. They are guilty of at least manslaughter and avoidable ignorance, if not of murder. May they repent!

They have yet to commit their first sin. Yet they have been judged guilty of being unwanted and lined up for slaughter! They are born to be killed, or murdered in cold blood while still in the wound. They are not given a chance to shine for God. They are not given a chance to find a cure for AIDS or write a bestselling novel. They are not given the chance of a loving family. They are precious in the sight of the Lord.

Murder happens every day. May God take his revenge soon. May the children have a chance to live.


  1. idk if u know this, but pretty much most women who abort their kids regret it later. it hangs over them for the rest of their lives..maybe ur being a bit harsh, but i get ur point.

  2. I know. It might be a bit harsh. I was putting the worst blame on the doctors who do the actually murdering, though.
    I was feeling sort of angry this afternoon.


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