Saturday, June 13, 2015

Summer Viewing: Ore Monogatari (eps 7-10)

Ore Monogatari, aka My Love Story!!,  is a sweet, romantic shoujo anime with a twist: the guy, not the girl, is the main character, and he's not the normal bishounen charmer.

After the fifth episode, I wrote a post on Beneath the Tangles about sacrificial love's huge role in this show. That's one big reason I enjoy it. But since then, I've come to enjoy the relationships in Ore Monogatari, both platonic and romantic, in a broader way.

I actually started this post last week, then decided I was too busy to finish it. So I have four episodes to cover, and I'll get through them quickly say something quick about 'em, I guess (I'm finishing this late Friday night/early Saturday morning, after a ten-hour shift, so I apologize for the distinct lack of care). Here are some highlights and opinions:

First, episode 7: The judo team asks Takeo to fill in for an injured member. They need help against their rival. Takeo, of course, agrees. He spends the month leading up to the match training... which means he doesn't get to spend time with his girlfriend, Yamato. She's very understanding and supportive. It's sweet.
Takeo and Yamato: "Look, it's you!" "And you!"
Suna: "How are you guys seeing this?" (ep 7)

Yamato gets more chances to talk alone with Takeo's best friend, Suna. She points out groups of stars that she thinks looks like Takeo. Then, when they're all together again after Takeo wins his match, he says the stars look like Yamato.

Some transition stuff must have happened in episode 8. I only have one screenshot from that one. I do know that Suna is quietly struggling at this point, and Takeo realizes it, but doesn't know what's going on.

Then there's episode 9... I really like this one. Suna confesses that his father is about to have heart surgery, and the rest of his family is out of the country. Takeo wants to be there, of course, but the surgery is on Yamato's birthday. With Suna's help, he's planned out the perfect day, and Suna insists he spend the day with Yamato, as planned.

At first, Takeo does take Yamato out. But he can't stay away. He has to support his best friend. So he tells Yamato what's going on and rushes to the hospital to be with Suna.

Takeo supports Suna outside the operating room (ep 9).
I love how these guys support each other.

The most recent episode wasn't as touching for me. It was sweet, but that's it. By now, I'm used to Ore Monogtari's combination of typical shoujo and defiance against the genre. As always, I appreciate Takeo's love for Yamato, and his determination to keep her as safe as he can after they get lost in the woods. It's just not really anything new.

Okay. That's it for the week. I switched to typing with one hand because my entire right arm is sore from a long day serving ice cream and making shakes. I think I'm going to continue re-watching Hunter x Hunter as I get ready for bed. Hopefully I manage to turn it off before I fall asleep this time...

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  1. Thanks for this great post. I feel strongly about it and love to read it. Personally, I liked the episode. The only thing that stirred my fears about the show is the thought that if the miscommunication-based love triangle thing goes on too long it's the kind of plot that easily winds on itself and becomes a self-parody. These things are at their best if the author knows when to end them gracefully and move on to different themes and situations.


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