Saturday, November 8, 2014

What I Watch When I'm Swamped

When I'm swamped with homework, anime doesn't always sound relaxing. I procrastinate even more than usual on the silliest of things... including my favorite anime. Instead, I watch something I don't need to have an opinion on, with characters and plot I don't care as much about. My brain is overtaxed as it is; I'd rather not think too hard about my leisure activities. That means I watch more live action shows, since I'm not in the habit of thinking deeply about them. I also watch comedy anime... of varying quality.

Thus, I'm caught up on Shirobako, but not on Daiya no Ace. I'm also enjoying Meganebu!, a fact I might be embarrassed to admit, if my inability to catch up on homework hadn't already taken my pride down a couple notches.

Meganebu! is full of inside jokes for glasses-wearers. But I think
most of us can sympathize with Yukiya's dilemna here. No service
on a deserted island (ep. 9).
What, you ask, is Meganebu!? It's a show about cute boys (as cute as they can be with lower quality animation), all of whom wear glasses. They're in a high school club revolving around... glasses. Their goal? To build X-ray glasses that can see through girls' clothes. As of the tenth episode, all their attempts have exploded, so the ladies are safe.

Really, their goal with the X-ray glasses comes second to their love for glasses. It's ridiculous. Somewhat amusing, but ridiculous. I'll probably rate it 2 stars on Anime-Planet, just because 1 star seems a bit harsh. But I'll still watch it all the way through, because it's fun and brainless, like American Saturday morning cartoons. And I kind of need that right now.

What do you watch when you need to unwind?


  1. Cute girls doing cute things are basically my Meganebu. I mean, Meganebu is basically "cute" guys doing "cute" things... not sure if "cute" is the best word as I've only seen one episode, but the idea is similar in that the guys are visually appealing and doing amusing, plot-irrelevant things.

  2. I actually thought about you and your cute girl anime... I decided that these particular guys' activities were a notch or two below "cute," so I cut "cute things" from my description of the show, and just call it "cute guys doing glasses things."

  3. To be honest, when I'm stressed, I don't watch any anime - I always feel like there's an "end game" to anime, whether it be blogging or even just completing a season. I usually go to Tumblr to relax a bit and look at anime-related stuff instead!

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels that way about anime! Back in my binging days, especially before I started aniblogging more regularly, anime was my escape, my way to unwind. Now, other than my designated "no-thinking" shows (like Meganebu), anime feels like it comes attached to a goal—even just finishing a season, like you said. Live action (or silly anime) is no-strings-attached: I don't have to finish anything, I don't have to care much about the characters, and I know I probably won't want to blog about it.

      It's kind of a silly problem to have, when you think about it. Aniblogging (and Anime-Planet, really, because of the lists) has turned entertainment into a task—an immensely enjoyable task, but a task nonetheless, and one that will be procrastinated on.


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