Friday, September 27, 2013

Servant x Service is Over! Now What?

I just finished Servant x Service. It was fun! I began to worry that it was ending on a very cliche note, but then the characters intervened. I smiled and giggled the rest of the way.

It didn't take long for the question to rise: is there hope for a sequel?

I went to Anime-Planet to find out if the manga was still ongoing. But when I looked for the normal "relations" box, it wasn't there. The manga was not entered on the site. I wasn't too surprised; this is Anime-Planet we're talking about. The site's priority is, well, anime.

So I Googled it. Adventures through Wikipedia, Anime News Network, and other sites told me that yes, it's ongoing, and so far, there are three volumes out.

Great! So there might be hope! The next question: how many volumes does the anime cover? I Googled it... and found nothing. I searched for a while, but there was no information on this, at least not within easy reach.

So, what now?

I could re-watch episode 9. I have a screenshot from that episode sitting on my computer, reminding me that a certain scene got the wheels turning in my mind. Also, it made me squeal a little. It's a Hasabe-and-Lucy-being-cute scene.

I could re-watch Working'!! (not to be confused with Working!!). In case you somehow missed this fact, Working!! and Servant x Service were both adapted from manga by Takatsu Karino. Their shared authorship is pretty obvious.

I could beg my readers to comment with any updates on the status of Servant x Service.

I think I'll go with the third option, since I have a few responsibilities to fulfill before my next anime indulgence. So, folks... what do you know about the status of the manga? If you're reading this months or years in the future, here's another question: any word about more Servant x Service or Working!! anime?


  1. Here's what I can gather:

    The 3rd volume came out June 25th, 2013. Volumes seem to be released one per year.

    According to a post on the AnimeSuki forums, the anime seems to have adapted all existing manga material (including serialized chapters not yet in an actual volume) and even has an anime-original end. As such, there probably isn't even enough material for a second season until a good couple of years pass...

    Sales-wise, JP vol. 1 has about 5,375 sales total, according to Oricon. That's okay, although it being a cheaper volume (as it has only one episode instead of two) means that there will likely be a drop in sales for vol. 2, and below 5K/vol., a show getting a sequel is something of a long shot. Not to mention that there's going to be a long cooling-off period before a second season can even be considered. If the show pushes the sale of the manga, though, that could improve the chances of a second season.

    And I have no idea why Working!! doesn't have a sequel yet; the sales are definitely there (12K/vol. average for the second season!) and there's enough material. It might just be a matter of time...

    That's all I have. I'll keep my ear close to the ground (as I generally do with these things) and report back with anything else I can gather. I'd definitely love for these shows to continue, myself!

    1. Thank you, Frank! That information on Working!! sounds promising. I hope they do come out with another season/series. I'd love more Servant x Service, but it sounds like that hope is slim, so I'll be content with what they gave us. ^_^


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