Thursday, June 7, 2012

Enjoying Gon and Killua

Okay, time for another post. I've been pretty absent from the blogosphere lately, something I regret. But I have too many pastimes. I can't be deeply involved in all of them at the same time, so the pastimes get turns in the spotlight at my whim.

Of course, I'm still watching anime. I'm just not caught up on all of this season's shows at the moment. Maybe they're not as enticing as the Winter 2012 anime. Maybe I'm just distracted. Does it really matter?

Hunter x Hunter is one of the few anime I'm following closely at the moment. I saw the first animated version of the series a couple years ago, but have since forgotten much of it. Thus, I'm greatly enjoying it this time around. Killua and Gon are awesome. Yeah, I realize I've said this in previous blog posts, but it's worth repeating. They've spent the last eight episodes at Heavens Arena. In these eight episodes, we've seen Gon realize just how strong he's become. We've seen Gon and Killua beat up super strong adults with a single movenment. We've seen them learn Nen like it was riding a bike - and then beat up more cocky adults. 

And now, Hisoka has acknowledged Gon's progress and told him to set a time for their long anticipated fight. Personally, I don't think Gon is even close to ready for that, and I hope Gon realizes it, too. 

Speaking of Hisoka, a future arc was alluded to in recent episodes, an arc I barely remember. Keep an eye out for Phantom Troupe mentions, folks! They will be dealt with, and it looks like Hisoka will have a hand in the dealing. That should be fun. For those of you who forgot: the Phantom Troupe is a group of very dangerous criminals. They killed off Kurapika's whole clan, something he's still pretty ticked off about, to say the least. And here's an interesting connection: Remember at the "end" of the Hunter exams when Hisoka told Kurapika where and when to find the Phantom Troupe? It's making a little more sense now, isn't it?

Oh, I do love making connections. Especially in my favorite action-packed anime. 

Hunter x Hunter is no Gungrave. It isn't at all deep, the action is based in fantasy even without the Nen, and the plot holds few or no surprises. It's certainly not realistic. That's probably why I love it so much, even though it will never get that number one place on my list. I have a blast watching Gon and Killua no matter what they do. If they face off Hisoka, I'm happy. If they learn new tricks or practice Nen, I'm happy. If they participate in any fight, I'm really happy. And if they just sit around and talk to each other... well, that pleases me, too. They're my favorite animated twelve year olds, easily beating even Echizen Ryoma and the younger Naruto. How could I not love the duo? Between their friendship and their fighting skills, Gon and Killua are unstoppable bundles of fun.

*Picture is a screenshot from episode 34 of Hunter x Hunter (2011 version). 


  1. I haven't been here for a while - I like your drawings in the background!

    Have you watched either Sakamichi no Apollon or Fate/Zero this season? These are both EXCELLENT series that you might enjoy.

    1. Thanks!

      I have watched Sakamichi no Apollon, but I'm several weeks behind. I love the music, though, and plan to get caught up some point soon. I haven't tried Fate/Zero. I enjoyed Fate/Stay Night, but it definitely wasn't my favorite anime, so the prequel didn't draw my attention. But if you say it's good, I'll have to check it out. :)


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