Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Forum Signatures, Decisions, Writing, and Such

I haven't uploaded since last month, and I'm beginning to worry I'll miss May altogether. So, here's a post. Is it anime related? Well, I suppose I can make it anime related. Here:

I've been making forum signatures again, and greatly enjoying it... other than the fact that I have to use Pixlr instead of Photoshop, that is. The one above has Killua and Gon from Hunter x Hunter. I took the chibis from a screenshot.

In other news, I'm trying to write more on my story, At His Whim. And when I write more there, I tend to write less here. But hey, it had to come at some point. I'd neglected the story for five months, and lost readers in the process. It was about time for me to go back to it! I've passed the 65,000 word point, which I feel quite good about. Even if it took me a year to get there.

I also made my college decision (finally!). After taking a year off, hemming and hawing for several months, and recalculating financial aid offers, I now know where I'm going next fall. I'm so excited! It was definitely the right choice to take a year off, too. If I'd gone to college this past year, I'm sure I'd be a train wreck. Actually, I was a train wreck already at this point last year, so I'd be a train wreck on fire in the middle of an earthquake.

Yeah, it's a really, really good thing I took a break.

In the meanwhile, I'm living at my aunt's house and tutoring two of her three high maintenance kids. I've been here since February and will stay until I go to school. It's been a great experience. I'm getting a little cash, enjoying long chats with my aunt, and learning how to be pro-active in avoiding anxiety. Plus, I share a room with my eight-year-old cousin: that should warm me up for my college roommate.

So, I might not post again this month. I'll try, but it's not guaranteed. I mean, I'd also like to get at least one more chapter of At His Whim up on Wattpad, get caught up on anime, fill out college documents, and keep my sanity in this crazy house. Oh, and maintain my new habit of exercising. And probably get my wisdom teeth out (I actually don't want that one, but my teeth don't care how I feel about it). I can't do everything, so this blog may suffer. Oh well.


  1. Good luck on the widom teeth thing! I ended up allergic to the medication they gave me for the pain- it was a bundle of fun, that was >.>

    And good luck on starting college! It was a great experience. I'm graduating this summer with a degree in English, and I'm... at a loss of what I'm going to do with it. Move back home and bag for a while until I can re-apply for the job I wanted this fall, I suppose. And attempt to get puclished while I'm at it (what was awesome for gettimg me kickstarted was NaNoWriMo).

    So good luck on life, and I hope I'll see more of your reviews soon!

    1. Thanks. ^_^ I'm trying (and actually succeeding) not to be a wimp about the wisdom teeth. I'm glad I don't have to worry about medicine allergies - that sounds miserable.

      I hope to post more on anime soon, too! I don't want to neglect this blog too much, no matter what else I have going on. :)


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