Thursday, March 24, 2011


I haven't been mostly much lately. First I desperately needed a mental break, and then I went on vacation. I wrote during those few weeks, but most of it is unedited or simply the private journal kind of thing. I'll go back and edit something to post in a few days, but meanwhile, I think I'll try and finish up a little post about my faith for the Aniblogger Testimony Project TWWK has going over at Beneath the Tangles, then finish enjoying my vacation.

I'm trying not to make my post too long. Or babbling. I can't even keep comments short, and now he's giving me a whole post!


  1. I hope everything's going well! It's strange not seeing you commenting on the Anime Planet forums. :)

  2. Everything's going decently well. My mental vacation ended up turning into a several week long hiatus. I think the correct term would be "running away." No forums, blogging, or email. I'm not sure when I'll be ready to dive back into it - I think I'll have a few posts ready to go up before I do. Though I probably should stop running from email - that one's pertinent to real life. :) I did, after several weeks and three or four attempts, finally finish that post for your Aniblogger Testimonies series though.


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