Monday, February 7, 2011

Emergency Computer Status Report

…We interrupt your Anime 101 for an emergency computer status report…

Someone has been siphoning off our wireless internet, which affects me and this blog in a couple ways. First, any internet access at home must be done downstairs with the internet cable directly connected to my laptop until we can password protect the wireless. Second, this extra person used a ton of our megabyte limit (if I understand this correctly) downloading videos or something. So we’re three quarters through the limit on our internet package – and only one half of the way through the billing cycle. Thus, I must cut my internet usage way down, especially on the megabyte-consuming actions. No videos. No anime. Goodbye, Hulu, I shall miss you! Why, oh library, do you not stock up on anime? Thank You, oh Lord, for the manga at my school library.

I can’t access Blogger at school, so I must either make a couple posts at home or travel to the library. I have no clue how many megabytes any of my normal internet actions take. It’s like being given a credit card and not knowing how much anything costs. Or even understanding the currency. Moreover, I kind of waited way too long to replace the battery on my laptop, so if I unplug it for a split second, it dies. Which means I pick a spot to work and stay there. That spot moved from my room the downstairs office, where the internet is. We’re working on ordering a new battery. Goodbye, Christmas money! Goodbye, potential new book or anime series!

Despite the dramatics, I truly don’t mean to complain. If I woke up on time everyday and made my lunch, I would not have spent money at Subway. Two or three Subway meals cost the same as one book – and last a much shorter time. And, as much as I hate to admit it, it’s good to limit my internet access. I still waste a ton of time on Photoshop or doing I-don’t-even-know-what. But I’m reading more and not just manga. I finished But Don’t all Religions Lead to God? by Michael Green and started re-reading The Fellowship of the Ring. It’s time to cut into my want-to-read normal book list, like I cut into my want-to-watch list on Anime-Planet. And it’s a long list of both fiction and non-fiction. Books include Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis, the rest of Lord of the Rings and its companion, The Simillarion, and finishing The Case for a Creator by Lee Strobel. I also want to finish Democracy in America by Alexis de Tocqueville.

Alright. Enough with the babbling. I have homework to do and applications to finish. Not to mention the next Anime 101 post to put up (with limited pictures, since I don’t know how many of those megabyte things pictures take up).

*I wrote this post many hours ago and now, late at night, am finally putting it up. My application took far longer than I thought, so Anime 101 will probably wait until tomorrow.
Also, I have symptoms strangly similar to those anime withdrawals I hear about. I could just be tired, though. Regardless, I'm definitely checking out some manga tomorrow. I love Fellowship of the Ring, but it's not an light book. My mind sometimes travels at a hundred miles an hour in several directions at the same time, and the only way (besides sleep) that I can make it stop is engage it in an easy book or an anime or manga. I can't even sleep until I slow my brain down.


  1. Just some comments on your reading material. It's great to see you planning to read "Mere Christianity" - I suppose it's one of the few books that really is a MUST READ for Christians. Many of the apologetics arguments and wordings come from that book.

    And Lord of the Rings...fantastic! I just rewatched the series with my wife. I remember reading and enjoying the books, though I don't think I would reread them again. Have you read The Hobbit?

    And Case for a Creator - To me, this is the most interesting of all the "evidence" type books I've read, including others by Lee Strobel. It's really a fascinating read. I used to keep it by my desk at hand for religious debates.

  2. I've had Mere Christianity on my shelf for a couple years, planning to read it eventually. I'm determined to read it as soon as I finish Fellowship of the Ring.

    I read The Hobbit years ago, as well as the rest of The Lord of the Rings. I was only twelve or so and skimmed through anything I deemed to descriptive or unnecessary to the story. I'm old enough now to appreciate the analogies Tolkien draws (such as in Gandalf's conversation with Frodo about Gollum and pity). I can't approach Lord of the Rings as a simple, lighthearted fantasy tale, that's for sure.

    I think I'm about halfway through The Case for a Creator. I'm not very good at finishing non-fictions, no matter how intriguing I find them. The thing I like about this one is that it's written by a journalist, not a scientist, so it's easier to read. And he takes much of the book almost directly from his interviews, so I feel just as confident in his writing as I would in that of a Physics or Biology expert .


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