Friday, January 28, 2011

Waking up

My comforters wrap me in peaceful oblivion. Neither light nor sound penetrate my little world. How I so enjoy something when unconscious is a mystery to set aside. For now, all difficult thoughts, any thoughts, leave me in quiet. when I wake, I will be grateful for that time of peace.

I drift in thick, warm clouds, undisturbed by the earth's trouble. Nothing reaches me, nothing bothers. Then thunder rumbles in the distance, threatening to storm. I push it away and burrow deeper in my clouds. Again, thunder comes, closer this time, and insistent. "Mmph," I mumble, grabbing another dark, warm cloud and pushing my head under it. So cozy... I drift back into that timeless peace.

The thunder roars, next to me now, too loud to shut out with my clouds. With the thunder rides an earth-dweller, one with a tribal drum. Pound pound pound pound. Pound pound pound pound. "Go away," I groan. What made the earth-dweller come to the clouds? Did she and the thunder conspire to disturb my ethereal world? Regardless, she receives as little welcome as the storm on which she rides.

Unruffled by my hostility toward invaders, the storm continues with its ruckus. It stops, and I begin to drift off in my clouds once again. But then the thunder and earth-dweller return, this time accompanied by lightning and rain. "Wake up!" insists the earth-dweller, tearing though my fog.

"I am up!" I growl back.

The rain continues, soaking me through. Finally, to appease the earth-dweller who seemed to control the tempest, I jolt from what remains of my clouds. I intend to shove away the rain and noise. The rain leaves, but the rest of the storm imprisons me and slams me down to earth. They feed me in an effort to scatter the clinging fog, and sternly warn against any attempts to escape back into the clouds.

I eat, drink, and even take the pills the earth-dweller gives me. Yet, despite the obedient facade, my mind remains on that moment when I may return to comfortable oblivion among the clouds. No tempest ever tames me. If I watch and wait, I will someday burrow in the clouds once again.

I'm such a grump in the morning. What can I do to wake up honoring God and my parents? I suppose the obvious answer is to go to sleep earlier and set my alarm, so Mom isn't the first to wake me. As much as I dislike my alarm and wish to be free of it when it's not a school day, I prefer it over beginning the day with a war.


  1. That's certainly the most creative post about waking up in the mornings that I've read it. :P

    Yeah, going to bed earlier would help. Possibly, also, being intentional about trying to wake up less grumpy.

  2. Thanks! Just so you know, the tribal drum was, unfortunately, quite real. Apparently ice cubes, spray bottles, and loud music were getting cliche.

    I can't imagine being intentional about anything when I first wake up. But if I think about it enough last thing at night, maybe it will transfer over to action in the morning. When people start getting creative about waking you up, you know it's time to shape up.


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