Friday, January 7, 2011

Trying to get this signature background to work

I made a background for an anime forum signature (my first ever), and I want to show it to my fellow forum users. It needs a URL if I want it to upload into the forum, which I means I need it to be online, and thus this blog post. Click on it if you're interested it the full size. It's a screen shot until right between the two identical trees, where I started using the "stamp" tool in Photoshop to do the rest. Actually took a while.
It's from the anime Gankutsuou:The Count of Monte Cristo. Not my favorite, but interesting art.

Edit 1/10/11:
And here's another one, this time with bits from Vampire Knight. Why does it have to have a URL?
Anyway, I really enjoy doing this. It's nice to have a mindless creative outlet between Calculus and We the People.

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