Monday, January 10, 2011

Changed the Blog Title and URL

I decided, after a bit of thought, to change this blog's title to "Annalyn's Thoughts," rather than "A Writer's Thoughts." I still write rather often, but I think it's a bit inaccurate to describe myself as a writer. I considered changed the title to "A Student's Thoughts," but it didn't look as poetic.

I also changed the blog's URL from to I came up with the original URL back when I called myself Liliannalissa in the blogging world. Liliannalissa is the main character in my first (of two) full length stories, written my freshman year of high school, so the name is a bit nostalgic. However, I now go by Annalyn in nearly all my online interactions. In addition, should I ever have any readers, "annalynspot" is easier to spell than "liliannalissa." Of course, that last bit is completely hypothetical.

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