Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas is Coming

I actually wrote this on December 1, but I wasn't sure at the time that I wanted to post it.
'Tis the season to be jolly,
To decorate with greens and holly.
Does anyone remember where it started?
Or the sacred day in symbolizes?
May You be glorifed,
Your name be praise.
Forgive me, I ask, for my selfishness.
I wish to repent and start anew.
For the seanon is not about me.
It's about You.
The sacrifice You gave
Is greater thatn they say:
You lived and died,
Yet there is so much more.
Your name be praised!
You, God, a mighty warrior,
Left behind Your place.
You steeped down from Your throne
And gave up Your riches.
Humble and generous,
You descended to earth,
Settled in ith Mary
Until Your day came.
Born in a stable,
It was but the beginning
Of a life spent poor.
You grew up to be spit on,
Were whipped an nailed,
And went even lower,
Down to hell.
You came and You conquered.
You rose the third day.
And what thanks did we give You?
How grateful were we?
We replaced You with Santa,
And the Easter Bunny.
Yes, Christmas is coming,
The season joy and good cheer.
Don't let us forget You,
Not this year.

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