Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Liliannalissa, teaser

I'll try to write part two of Tolerance later on, maybe this weekend. Meanwhile, I would like to share an exerpt from a story I'm writing. I'm on page 112. My blog name is the same as the main character's name. Here it goes:
Was there no end to the torture? Was there no end to the hitting, the noise, the dark? Was there no light at the end of the night? Lily was tossed around, pushed from man to man. Perhaps she should just give in. Perhaps it would be best to just sing. No! They would not make her do tricks like a dog. She gritted her teeth and flailed. Sometimes she felt a limb hit a man. She wanted to scream at her torturers. She wanted to go into full princess mode and make them bow at her feet. Before she had endure the pain of slavery, she had cared little about her royal status. Now, when she so wanted to used it, she was forced to endure the abuse and humiliation in silence. She was pushed around, gaining a new bruise every second.
Finally, when They had decided she had enough, they grabbed her chain and led her, limping, backstage and down the foul hall. They pushed her into her cell and she stumbled in the gutter. She collapsed on the rough blanket she had made and felt for the crude doll, one of three that she had put together in the last week. She cried from the pain, from the exhaustion, from the loneliness of her dark world.
When her eyes were dry, her throat sore from sobbing, she fell asleep to nightmares of chains, bars, shadows, and evil people. There was Maso du Scanga. Before her eyes he morphed into Prince Zonro. She ran from him, straight into Lyprus, wielding a whip. She was spinning, searching for a way out. Then she was falling, falling, falling…
She woke, gasping, and stared wide-eyed into the dark. She was awake, but the nightmare was not over. Would it ever be?

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