Monday, May 12, 2008


I wrote this poem a few month ago. I may as well post it, since I have nothing else to write.

Young men,
Do you realize how chivalry makes us feel?
Do you realize how you touch our hearts?
When you open the door, pull out a chair,
Or apologize with a rose,
It warms me up,
Places a smile on my face.

Every courteous and thoughtful thing
Gives girls a pleasure, a special feeling.
We love it when you joke,
When you make us laugh.
We like it when you treat
What we say with respect.

But what really gets us,
What we appreciate,
What we want the most,
Is when you treat us like ladies,
When you do the little things,
When you let us go first,
Or consider our needs.

So, boys, next time you see a girl
Struggling with a load,
Open the door,
Or better yet,
Carry her books for her.

Don’t let chivalry die.
For our sake, keep it alive.
Show us girls
Some gentleman’s care
And know
You have touched a life.


  1. WOW!!! u r good!! that is xactly how I feel!! I mean... can't guys be like... more "Chivalry-ish"!!! U ROCK THIS SITE!!!!
    -Someone who cares alot!!

  2. Yeah, I love when guys use chivalry, but I think we would get it from them more if we, in turn, handed them some respect. :)

    -love, me

  3. Who is 'me'? Mom? I need to know.


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