Monday, May 12, 2008

The Beginning

How to begin?
This is my new blog.
I created it after viewing Firecat's blog (
I love to write. In fact, I got my blog name from a story I am writing. I'm on the 109th page of this story.
I am very inexperienced with computers. My friend just said, "OHHHHHH! YES!! she is a rookie..and owns a stupid dog!" My dog is not stupid. His name is Ridgy, and He's the smartest dog in the entire world, thank you very much.
Anyway, that same friend also told my that all this information about my should be in the "about me" section of my blog. That makes sense...
I'll post more later.


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  3. hahaha...ur dog is sure weird though. lol...hope u have fun blogging! hey..when ur working on ur ur gmail too so maybe we can chat while we work.


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