Friday, May 8, 2015

Summer Viewing: Daiya no Ace S2 Begins with Recaps and a New Challenge

This begins my Summer Viewing column. There are several anime I want to follow, catch up on, or finally start this summer. These casual Friday posts will (hopefully) ensure that I watch what I say I'm going to watch. 

Since I was swamped with homework throughout April, I waited to start watching Daiya no Ace Season 2 (Ace of the Diamond 2). Finally, yesterday, I got onto Crunchyroll... and found out that the first three episodes were recaps. I got through the first two last night, then saved the third for when I was washing dishes today.

To be completely honest, the first recap episode did fill in memory gaps for me. I don't remember every detail of every game Team Seido plays. And I understand that, since Daiya no Ace switched time slots, there may be new viewers. But if that's the case, why did they only show the games? What about Sawamura's yips? The emotional development? Shouldn't new viewers know about these things? This is anime, not ESPN.

But, like any seasoned anime fan, I know the proper response to recaps: build a bridge, and get over it (and maybe let a complaint slip on Twitter). Recaps and fillers happen. You either roll with them or become bitter and drop half of the long-running shows on your watching list.

Fillers aside, the fourth and fifth episodes were good.

Sawamura has regained a lot of his confidence, now that he's learned his outside pitch. He learns to relax, at least in practice, and uses just the right tension at just the right time. And he is adorable doing it... until that tense moment right as he pitches. Then he's fierce.
Sawamura relaxes and begins his windup (ep 4).
As long as we're talking about Sawamura's adorableness... when he's practicing pitching, he asks the new coach (the one who intends to make Furuya the ace) to be the umpire. He calls the coach "Sergeant," and he is childishly welcoming and sincere... I thought for sure he'd soften this unpleasant character's heart, at least a little. But nope. The Sergeant's heart is ice. I bet he hates puppies, too.

But the Sergeant isn't our only concern. The Fall tournament begins, and Seido's first opponent, Teito, is strong. In the past 27 (?) seasons, they've only failed to reach nationals twice. Their pitcher, Mukai, is an incredible freshman who already played in the summer nationals. And... Mukai is a narcissist. I mean, yeah, he's good, but he's a narcissist. And he does this weird thing with his tongue, which makes me suspect he's distantly related to Midousuji from Yowapeda. I don't think he's a sadist (yet), and I don't think he's a victim of human experimentation (as I suspect of Midousuji), but there's a definite resemblance. And I don't like him.

In the meantime, Furuya is pitching well in the first game of the season, despite the rain. I try to support him, and I am glad he's growing into a fine pitcher... but I want Sawamura to become the ace. Unless Furuya gets a terrible injury, I don't see that happening. The gap between them just keeps widening. I want both of these talented first years to succeed. Why did they have to come to the same high school? Why? (Because it brings more conflict to the plot, Annalyn. If you're emotionally torn, the writer succeeded.)

I look forward to the next episode. They had to pause the game due to the rain (by the way, the animators used the rainy weather to create great visuals). This could break Furuya's focus. For his sake and the team's sake, I hope not. But... I'm hoping to see Sawamura in action in the next episode. It's time for him to get back on the mound in a tournament game and prove his worth to the Sergeant.


There. I'm caught up with Daiya no Ace. I'll try to stay caught up with my sports anime this summer (Daiya no Ace 2, Kurobas, and Baby Steps 2). For next Friday... I think I'll try to get Free! Eternal Summer over with. Later this summer, I might catch up with Naruto and his comrades. Might. That's a bit ambitious.

Also: Last season, I enjoyed Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!, but I haven't found anything to fill my ridiculous comedy slot this season. Am I missing something? If you have any suggestions on a comedy to follow, I'd love to hear it. I prefer to avoid crudeness (I'm not a Gintama fan). Beyond that, I just need something carefree to watch once a week.


  1. Hey Luv,
    I would suggest "Oregairu 2" or "Nisekoi 2." They are both on their 2nd Season (hence the "2"). I know Crunchyroll has the 1st season for both of these guys. I am watching the 2nd season on gogoanime (free streaming. no interruptions in the middle of the anime for advertisements. Although there is an occasional advertisement before the anime starts).. They are a comedy/school house/romance/with a sprinkle of drama. Nisekoi has a mystery that needs to be solved (subplot, or is it the over arching plot. I can't tell anymore). They both keep me coming back for more. Although I find "Nisekoi" funnier, I can't help but want to see how the plot plays out in Oregairu. The secondary characters play very good supporting roles and plot devices. So give them a try and lemme know what you think, ok?

    1. Thank you for the suggestions, Iasnite! I'm afraid that both Oregairu and Nisekoi lost my attention somewhere during their first seasons. But I had a lot of anime on my watching list when Nisekoi aired, so I dropped it very early on... too early, really. When I have a spare moment, I'll give it another try! :)


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