Saturday, December 27, 2014

Rewind: Black Lagoon

Black Lagoon is about a boring businessman who becomes a pirate. Not a One Piece-type pirate, but rather a more realistic, modern pirate who deals with scary crime syndicates.

I don't remember when I first watched Black Lagoon, but I remember why I like it: explosions, analytical main character, guns, some humor, fights, and general excitement. The main character, Rock, toughens up considerably throughout the series, although he never evolves into a gun-slinging strongman; that's Revy's role.

Meet Revy, the gunslinger that pulled Rock into the crime world. She
seems to be his opposite in every way: female, tough, bloodthirsty,
and less fond of clothes that cover a person's midriff. But her rough
character complements his analytical character very well. (pic from ep 1)

I think there's some rather interesting character development—I remember almost being impressed by some of Rock's dialogue. It's been too long to recall the details, though. And honestly? This anime isn't exactly profound.

As much as I enjoy the battles in Black Lagoon, not every aspect of this anime appeals to me. I can't write about it on this blog without a content warning. In addition to the swearing, violence, and crudeness, there are some seriously disturbing episodes, especially at the start of the second season (labeled The Second Barrage some places, but not so easily distinguished on Hulu).

I rewatched the first two episodes in order to get a screenshot. I forgot how fun this show can be, and I'd like to rewatch the entire first season. Unfortunately, I'm still way behind on other anime, and my Christmas break is quickly slipping away. I'll have to save this for another day.

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