Friday, August 8, 2014

Rewind: KamiNomi

Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai, aka The World God Only Knows, is about a dating sim addict who treats real girls like routes to be conquered. He gets them to fall for him, kisses them, and ditches them.

That sounds offensive. Does it help if I say that Keima, the addict, has to treat girls like this, in order to save them from the lost souls that dwell inside them? Trust me, he doesn't want to kiss 'n ditch... he prefers to avoid real girls altogether, actually.

Obviously, we're dealing with a dysfunctional main character. He spends every moment possible playing his dating sims--including in class. He can be very rude about it, actually. And yet, he's relatable. Many of us have enjoyed the thrill of 2D romance, be it through anime or game. Not to mention the thrill of mastering a game, using our minds to conquer a challenge. And sometimes (particularly, I think, in high school), these 2D adventures seem a lot more palatable than real life.

Keima's dedication to 2D girls has paid off, and he is acknowledged as the master--nay, "god,"--of dating sims. There's another piece that caught my attention when I first watched KamiNomi. While I wouldn't want to be called a "god" of anything, I do fantasize about being acknowledged as the best--or at least very good--at some skill (yeah... I struggle with pride sometimes). I can experience some of that through characters like Keima.

I also fantasize about my hobbies becoming very useful in the real world. That's what happens with Keima, which I enjoy.

[Oh, dear... I'm running out of time again... let's rush the rest]

Keima and Shiori, episode 10.

Anyway, KamiNomi is basically just a fun show, with some sweet moments. My favorite arc is the one with the shy library girl, Shiori, since I find her so relatable. Keima reaches out to her, helping her speak up for what's important to her.

For more of my thoughts, see what I wrote when the third season came out last summer.


  1. I was actually planning to watch this soon, so i'm glad to see you enjoyed it!

    1. I think you'll have fun with it, given your experience with VNs. I'd love to see a you review it. :)

      When I need a lighthearted anime to return to, KamiNami fits the bill. And yet, after rewatching another episode, it's sparked some deeper thoughts, so I might end up posting about it again in the near future.


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