Saturday, June 21, 2014

My Internal Calendar Broke in the Swamp

Oops. It was Friday a couple hours ago, wasn't it? I'm sorry. My internal schedule is kind of messed up right now. I worked last weekend, so I lost track of the days. I knew it was Friday because I knew when to show up at work. I also knew that I needed to plan some internship-related stuff around the incoming weekend. Somehow, I didn't connect those facts with the fact that it's Origin/Rewind/Blog post day.

Welp, it's already Saturday. I missed my window of opportunity, and I need to sleep a while before going to work. So, instead of an Origins post… I'll give a quick update on me. This summer is a lot busier for me than last summer was.

First, I was blessed with an internship at a small publishing company. As my regular readers probably know, I am a creative writing major. I like to write, edit, and generally work with words. So this is a wonderful opportunity. And they're willing to work around my work schedule, which is great.

A screenshot from Servant x Service's OP. This show and Working!!
have been on my mind a lot lately, for obvious reasons. If those
characters can hold a normal job, then so can I. 
I spent several weeks job hunting, filling out applications, and waiting for phone calls. Finally, we finished the application process at a retail chain store. It's a part time, seasonal job… but I started out at 40-hour weeks (mostly for training purposes, I think). I have less hours now, but I'm still working five days out of seven.

The other cashiers tell me that my feet will eventually adjust to this work. I'm trying to believe them.

I like my job. My coworkers and customers are all wonderful. I've only encountered one or two grumpy customers—and I didn't even realize one of them was grumpy, because a coworker spotted the signs and came over to help before it got bad. People are generally kind and understanding when they realize that I'm new… and that's a really good thing, because there is a lot involved in cashiering. I'm slowly getting better, but I still ask a lot of questions and make mistakes. And some of the mistakes make me want to crawl into a nice, cozy hole for the rest of the summer.

Since I'm down to part time hours now, I can do more for the publishing company… like make phone calls. Phones kind of scare me. My first fear comes before I touch the phone: What if it's a bad time? Then, as I start dialing: Careful, I don't want a wrong number. Let's triple check this. Then: Okay, don't fumble the words.

I have a script, which helps (I rarely make any kind of phone call without planning what I say first). It also helps to know that I'm helping the people I call. And I have pretty good phone skills, even though I get nervous about it.

Basically, I have a lot of opportunities to grow this summer. I'm working hard, facing my fears, and learning. It's good for me, and often fun. But school is starting to look more relaxing… no, I take that back. April was stressful. I might be busy this summer, but at least I always get more than two hours of sleep at night.

Speaking of sleep, it's way past night-night time. G'night! Good morning! Next Friday, remind me what day it is!

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