Saturday, April 19, 2014

So Swamped, I Forgot to Post

Wow, this is a first. I completely forgot to write a Rewind post, and Friday is now over. My apologies for the lateness... I actually had a few spare moments to write, too. Well, sort of. It's probably good that I forgot. I have a huge research paper due next Friday, and I haven't even done the research for it. Other homework demanded my attention the last couple weeks. And other homework continues to demand my attention. So, really, writing a post would have been an unwise use of my time and brain energy. 

In a couple weeks, I'll be on summer vacation. Finally, I'll be able to write more! I'll need to read several weeks' worth of other people's blogs, too, to see what I've been missing. I look forward to it. In the meanwhile... there's sleep. And homework. And I need to spend some time journalling, too. When I'm stressed, I need to sit with my journal and my Bible even more than usual, and I haven't set aside the time. Plus, it's Easter weekend. That should give me extra motivation to get my priorities straight.

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