Friday, March 21, 2014

Rewind: Durarara!!

I heard that Durarara!! is getting a second anime series. I don't know when, but if it's supposed to be part of the ten year anniversary for the light novel, I would assume it will come out this year. No, I didn't do much research; this post is called "Rewind," not "Fastforward." Go Google it yourself while I focus on the first series.

Screenshot from ep 11, in which, uh... actually, I don't know how to
explain without spoilers. So, something cool happens, and Mikado gets
the best of someone my records call "the bad guy." I'm sorry, but my
computer situation is making it hard for me to get new screenshots.

I loved Durarara!! when I saw it three years ago, but it took me two tries to get through it. The first several episodes failed to catch my attention the first time around. The storytelling is unconventional but ultimately intriguing, the action is exciting, and the characters both interested and surprised me. Durarara!! comes from the same studio, staff, and original author as Baccano! does, and it's obvious... even without the Isaac and Miria cameos.

It's been several years since I watched Durarara!!, so see my old Survival Guide to the World of Durarara!! for 7 tips on how to survive Ikebukuro with the main character, Mikado. I included more of my thoughts in the "headlines" in the bottom part of that post. The spoilers aren't too big, but they're present.

For more information and videos, see Anime-Planet's page for Durarara!!.

Oh, and punctuation tip, because it's hard to remember how many exclamation points to put on these Japanese Titles:

Baccano! came first and only has one exclamation point.
Durarara!! came second and has two. But it has three "ra"s, which makes its name about as long as that of its predecessor.

On an unrelated note, here's a computer update: It looks like the hard drive cable on my Mac is broken again, and I won't get it back for more than a week, and that assuming the wonderful guy in I.T. is correct in his diagnosis (I'm on Spring Break now, and no longer in the same city as my Mac). I'm using my old PC, but it's in serious need of updates... and protection... and speed... and a new battery (not gonna happen)... and the fountain of youth, while we're at it. 

I miss Crunchyroll, and I miss reading people's blogs. I feel out of the loop. Now that I'm on break, I hope I'll have time to catch up a little using my phone and my Mom's computer, but I do have to be diligent about homework if I want to have a pleasant April.


  1. I haven't seen Durarara!!, and I found Baccano to be on the good side of average, but lots of people have recommended Durarara!! so I guess I have no choice but to watch it.

    Which of the two did you prefer?

    1. Oops, sorry I didn't see your comment earlier.

      I think I preferred Baccano!, partially because it held my attention from the beginning. Durarara!! took a little more perseverence through the first several episodes. It paid off in the end, and even during the slightly less enjoyable episodes, it's facinating to watch the story come together in a very untraditional manner. You have to pay attention in order to catch onto everything that's going on. I'm rewatching it now, and it really is interesting to see the groundwork laid for later action. Plus, there's a Baccano! reference I missed the first time around, in the second episode, I believe.


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