Monday, March 10, 2014

Anime-Planet: One Stop for All my Anime Needs

There I was, taking a well-earned  break from homework, preparing to watch Yowamushi Pedal on Anime-Planet through Crunchyroll's video player, when I remembered: Sothis said they were going to launch their next new feature. So I went to the Anime-Planet Facebook page. My eyes widened.

That's right, folks: A-P has partnered with Hulu.

My favorite anime site has now teamed up with both my prime anime-streaming websites. I was happy enough when the Crunchyroll feature came out a week and a half ago, as you may recall. And I knew more cool updates were coming, but this? This, I did not expect.

Obviously, my plans for procrastinating anime-viewing tonight have changed. I'm going to watch Noragami, because that's on Hulu, and I obviously have to see how this video player works on Anime-Planet.

Click to Enlarge
Note the same auto-update feature that's available for Crunchyroll videos, and the option to discuss Noragami in the forums. This embedded video player doesn't have all the same options available when you watch on Hulu itself, but it has the necessities, just like with the Crunchyroll videos.

For more information on Anime-Planet, these new features, and the features to come, see the press release. For more information on why I love this site, see my last post about it, "Anime-Planet Just Got Even Better."

Now, Anime-Planet has surpassed "even better" to become the one stop needed for all my anime needs... okay, that might be a slight exaggeration. I connect with other anime fans across blogs, Twitter, and even Facebook. And, sometimes, I have to look up information that Anime-Planet hasn't added yet, such as about voice actors or characters. But, hey! I can't complain about the occasionally missing character, because it's up to us, the users, to add characters, recommendations, and more. That's part of what makes this website so great. Sothis gives us conveniently placed videos and cool design, and we get to give back by helping add information.

I think I just used all my procrastination time writing this post, so I won't be finishing that episode of Noragami until I do dishes. I'd better stop playing news reporter and get back to homework. In the meantime, what do you think of Anime-Planet and its new features? Let me know in the comments!

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