Friday, February 28, 2014

Rewind: Fate/stay night

Since I already did one post tonight, about Anime-Planet and Crunchyroll, and I'm behind on both homework and sleep, I'm going to take the easy way out for this Rewind post. Here's a link to my 2010 Anime-Planet review of Fate/stay night. I gave it a 7.6/10 and concluded, "Fate/stay night is a must for fans of magic and some types of fantasy. I’d put it in the same genre as Kaze no Stigma. It has magic, a tiny bit of romance, fights, and age old heroes. If you enjoy this genre, you’ll probably enjoy Fate/stay night. Otherwise, I'm not sure."

Screenshot of the title. Yes, I really am too tired to bother getting
a proper screenshot. My apologies.
In case you aren't aware, the main character in this show is Shirou, whom you may know as Captain Obvious from his line, "People die when they are killed."

So yeah, I liked it well enough. But for some reason, I don't remember the parts I enjoyed very well. I suppose I should re-watch a few episodes to help me remember the good parts, so I can give more balanced comments in conversations about it. No, I haven't seen Fate/Zero. Do I plan to? Eh, probably, eventually. Yeah, I've heard it's better. I just... have other priorities, I guess.


  1. I love the Fate series, though I have mixed feelings about the first anime release. Having read the visual novel first, I couldn't help but point out unnecessary changes that had been made and the like. If Fate/Stay Night is a 7/10, then Fate/Zero is an easy 9/10. It's leaps and bounds ahead in quality of both story and art and I would highly recommend that you give it a go. There's a little bit of religious stuff in there that you might not enjoy but you've shown that you're willing to take anime forays into that area with a grain of salt in the past so it should be alright.

    In other news, there's a second Fate/Stay Night anime being made by the studio that did Fate/Zero. I'm not entirely sure whether it's a remake or whether it tells another of the Visual Novel's stories (there are 3; the first and second have been animated so far), though i'm looking forward to it either way ^_^

    1. That's a pretty high recommendation. I'll give it a try sometime in the next year (probably). Religious aspects shouldn't bother me; I have some Christian friends whose taste I trust who loved Fate/Zero. If it did ruffle me... it would make a good blog post. :)


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