Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Blogosphere is Amazing: I'm sappy and I can't blame Christmas

The blogosphere is amazing. There are so many ways to blog, and so many relationships to form. It's unique. Some of us lay ourselves out in our posts, authentic and vulnerable. If you read only one or two of my more personal posts, you know more about me than many people who know me in real life. You don't need to know my real name to know some of my struggles and triumphs. And as I read your blog, the same thing happens.

There are things we don't know know about one another, and don't need to. Still, it's almost frightening to realize how much we share online. I'm not sure why it's almost frightening. I don't fear anyone abusing what they know about my heart and mind. And no one expects something out of me just because I read their vulnerable thoughts on their blog. I really have nothing to lose.

Some people separate who they are online from offline. I can't do that and maintain my integrity. There are details about my life that I don't divulge on my blog - my name, my birthday, my school. But my hopes, dreams, likes, dislikes, struggles, triumphs - I refuse to be anything but honest about those.

You who know me as Annalyn found me through shared interests. We know each other because of what we're interested in, not because of physical proximity. We don't read one another's blogs or follow one another's Twitters out of some sense of obligation. I think that's why, in bogs and Tweets, we can dispense with the formalities and say what we want to say - whether it's about anime or about personal pain. I don't have to wonder whether anyone truly cares; you wouldn't be here if you didn't. It's safe.

This started out as a Tweet, then a Facebook post, before it grew into this. I guess I just want to say that I'm thankful to all you anibloggers out there who let me and others see who you are. Even if you don't get very personal in what you write, I'm thankful for your opinions about anime and other things in otakudom. You add something unique to the blogosphere. I'm thankful to my readers, too, for caring enough to read.

When I talk to my family and friends about the aniblogosphere, or the online community in general, I can't help but bring up the wonderful people I've met. There are so many people on blogs and Twitter and Anime-Planet from all walks of life. It's an honor to be among you. I know that only some of you share my faith, but all of you bear the image of God, and I see it. You're witty, creative, knowledgable, authentic, fun, and serious, often all at the same time. You're precious, and I'm grateful for what you add to the web and to the world.

This isn't a Christmas post, but I
 worked hard to give this pic a holiday
makeover, so I'm wishing you a
Merry Christmas anyway.
Part of me wants to make this into a Christmas post. It's a little sappy, after all, and if I say I'm sappy because it's Christmastime, no one will think twice about it. But the truth is, I've just been thinking about what the online anime community means to me. I don't have as much time to spend online as I did in high school, but the blogosphere and beyond are still important parts of both my present and past. I've been reflecting on that since long before the Christmas decorations went up.

Besides, I shouldn't need to use the holidays as an excuse to say how much I appreciate ya'll. I committed to being authentic on this blog years ago. I decided I'd write about what I want without feeling self-conscious. I think the aniblogosphere and everyone involved in it is amazing. So there.


  1. I have a traceable identity, so I do not say what I want to say at all times.

  2. I find the online community in general to be awesome (sometimes >.>). If you connect with the right people, and chances are you will, it's incredibly easy to enjoy yourself with them. My personal experience is more with online gaming than the blogosphere, but it doesn't matter where you meet people as long as you enjoy the time you spend interacting with them.

    And Merry Christmas (almost)!

  3. I haven't seen much of online gaming. I did play a fairly simply strategy/MMO game called Realm of Empires for several months. I had a lot of fun connecting with my "clan" in our clan forums, both in forum games and in strategy as we took over cities and expanded our empires. That's the first place I experienced online community. I still feel a little bad for abandoning them due to technical issues. When I started interacting with fellow anime fans, I found something a bit more expansive and longer lasting - partially because I won't be kicked out of a "realm" due to being inactive for a couple weeks. :)

  4. And I'm thankful for you! Merry Christmas!


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