Saturday, November 9, 2013

Rewind: Black Butler

I've completed 159 anime shows and movies. You'd think I could easily pick one each week to write a quick post on. Nope. Instead, I've spent the past ten minutes waffling back and forth between several titles. Gah!

Okay, here: Ghost Hunt. No, never mind. I don't remember much about that. How about Black Butler

Ah, now there's a popular title. It's been a while since I watched Black Butler, or, if you prefer, Kuroshitsuji. And I never finished the sequel series. I can't remember why... I liked the first series well enough. I rated it five stars on Anime-Planet... granted, I was overly generous with stars back then, but still. I do think that the second series was rated as more mature, so maybe I decided it was too much for me at the time.
For those of you who somehow missed this fangirl favorite, Black Butler is about a rich, noble, orphaned kid named Ciel Phantomhive and his demon butler, Sebastian. Ciel made a deal with Sebastian. Sebastian would loyally serve and protect him. In return, Ciel gave up his soul. 

Why is a fangirl favorite? Well, look at this picture of Sebastian. He's somewhat bishounen. Plus, Ciel is good at playing damsel in distress (despite being a boy), so girls can easily place themselves in his role, and thus imagine Sebastian swooping in to protect them. That's my theory, anyway. 

And me? I thought Sebastian was cool. He made simple butler tasks look epic. Seriously; no one can handle silverware like he can. He can handle himself in a fight, too. That's always fun to watch. And I always like loyalty in a character... although I prefer it when the loyalty is not based on stealing souls.

When I watched Black Butler, I was still relatively new to anime and thus still more sheltered than I am now. So what did this sheltered, Christian girl have to say about the demon stuff? 

I raised my eyebrows at first, but it didn't hinder my enjoyment at all. I saw it mostly as a fantasy, like I would a show about vampires. It was, however, pretty dark at times. In addition, I'm sure there was some questionable content that went over my head. I'm going to watch part of an episode now, in order to get a screenshot, so we'll see if I look at it differently after a few more years of experience.

Okay... I took a couple screenshots from episode one, but it's now about midnight on the West Coast, so I don't have time to make anymore of an evaluation. See ya'll next week! ...probably, anyway. I'll let you know via Twitter and Facebook if I'm swamped again.


  1. I also enjoyed Black Butler, though I watched it dubbed which was the main reason I didn't watch the second series. The other reasons were that I didn't particularly enjoy the ending of the first season and Sebastian wasn't in the second season as much so it really wouldn't have been worthwhile XD

    1. Yeah, I think the change of character focus in the second season is part of why I wandered away from it. What made Black Butler cool, from what I remember, was the butler. Imagine that. :P


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