Sunday, August 18, 2013

Summer 2013: Quick Halfway Thoughts

I'm heading back to school really soon, which means my life's about to get busier. However, I will not abandon my blog like I did for so long during this past school year. While I won't blog with the same frequency I did earlier this summer, you can at least expect my weekly "Rewind" posts.

I'm not sure how much anime I'll be able to watch. I'll have to see if I have enough anime time to warrant keeping a Crunchyroll membership. I've enjoyed keeping up with this season using a free trial. At the very least, I want to finish up this summer's anime before I go back to being a week behind on everything.

What's got me following this season so closely?

First of all, Naruto Shippuden. But if you've been following this blog at all, you already knew that.

Attack on Titan. Well, duh. This anime is super popular right now, and for good reason. The animation is beautiful. The story is captivating. The action and violence evoke both excitement and shock. The suspense has me teetering at the edge of my seat. If this quality keeps up, Attack on Titan will make my list of all time favorites.

Hunter x Hunter. The ninety-third episode just aired. So far, only three of those episodes have been of the flashback/filler variety. It has everything I love about stereotypical shounen anime, and very little that I don't. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: if you're a fan of shounen anime, and for some pathetic reason you haven't tried Hunter x Hunter, then stop what you're doing and go to Crunchyroll. Now. 

Servant x Service. When I heard that this gem was thought up by the same person as Working!!, I knew I needed to try it out. I was not disappointed. The animation, the humor, and even the music has the same fun flavor to it as Working!! does. Yet it has enough differences to keep me entertained.

Watamote. It's painful, but I watch it regularly anyway.

Shiori in episode 2 of KamiNomi.
KamiNomi. Keima and the girls are in serious trouble... but this is still a lighthearted, fun anime. Great to watch right after Watamote. In recent episodes, I've particularly enjoyed Shiori, the library girl.

Space Brothers. I've gotten a couple weeks behind on this one again, but I still really like it. It's just one of those shows that's more fun when I marathon several episodes at a time.

There other anime that I'm following (or sort of following) this season, but they don't get me quite as excited:

Brothers Conflict. Why? Because I'm going to finish what I started. Yeah, that really is the only reason I'm still watching this reverse harem.

Silver Spoon. I love watching city folk when they're outside their natural habitat. Whether they're worried about cougars in the empty lot in their neighborhood or, in this case, freaking out about where chicken eggs come from, they are quite entertaining. I'm sure they'd have found me just as entertaining during my first trip to New York City or LA, so I don't feel bad chuckling at their antics. Despite that, I haven't gotten excited enough to keep up with this one each week. It was good, but... I guess I just wasn't in the mood last time I started an episode.

Monokuma, one of the strangest
antagonists I've ever seen.
Danganronpa. This is quite entertaining. Its wackiness, from the pink blood to the entire premise, makes me smile despite all the homicides. Whenever these kids are investigating to see which classmate killed the latest victim, I think about the ending of the board game Clue: It was _____! In the locker room! With the candlestick! It's not the greatest show this season, but it's still fun to watch. I find it noteworthy that the evil "principal" in Danganronpa and the boss in Servant x Service are both stuffed animals.

Recorder to Randoseru Mi. When I first found out that Recorder and Randsell got another season, I thought, "Seriously? How?" I got the answer quickly enough: Even folk like me who don't always enjoy the humor are willing to waste three minutes on it each week.

My summer vacation is coming to an end, but we're still only halfway through the anime season. I look forward to seeing what these shows have to offer over the next couple weeks! 

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