Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Umbrellas are Bad (and other thoughts on Another)

Warning: Spoilers ahead. Major spoiler if you haven’t seen the third episode, more spoilers for eighth and ninth episodes. There's also a rather bloody picture, which is sort of a spoiler itself. 

Misaki Mei
Umbrellas are bad. 
No, seriously. You know that incident with that girl in episode three of Another? If you don’t, then watch that episode before reading on. 
Still here? Okay...
Turns out, that sweet girl with glasses wasn’t the first from Class 3 to die due to an umbrella accident. A boy in Matsunaga’s class in the eighties made the mistake of using an umbrella on the mountain during a lightning storm. 
I’m beginning to think that rain jackets and hats may be preferable rain gear. You know, just to be safe. 
The ninth episode of Another had other things that struck me, too. Sakakibara-kun’s nightmare, for example. All his dead classmates and his suicidal teacher, covered in blood, blaming him... eek. If I were him, I’d spend the next morning watching Working!! and trying to think happy thoughts. 
Umbrellas are bad (nightmare scene)
I was pleased to note that the kid’s death in the ocean during the eighth episode did not deviate away from previous conclusions about the calamity. That is, the events leading to his death began in Yomiyama, even though he died away from the city, swimming at the beach. Phew. At least one thing remains stable in this mess.
Yeah, apparently, it’s a bad idea to go on a beach trip right after falling down the stairs. Especially if you have several signs of a bad concussion. And if you’re in class 3-3 at Yomiyama North? Dude, go to the hospital the moment you hit your head. In fact, go to the hospital if you so much as sneeze wrong or stub a toe. 
Anyway, that scene with Sakakibara, Misaki, and those two others listening to the recording had me on edge. I wanted to tell the young Matsunaga, “Just say the important part! Before something happens and they can’t finish listening to the tape!” I knew something would happen - maybe the tape would break, or the calamity wouldn’t let Matsunaga’s words stay recorded, or someone would come and stop them - and that the important information about how to stop the calamity would remain unheard. The suspense just about killed me. Well, not really, but it did assure that I paid close attention... of course, I always pay close attention when watching Another
When all’s said and done, episode nine of Another reclaimed the dark atmosphere that drew me in. It made up for last week’s episode, which had a little too much of a typical beach episode feel. Sure, they killed off a couple more people in the process (and replayed the deaths from Matsunaga’s class trip), which kind of made my heartstrings twinge.But that’s what I expect. I like that feeling when the ending theme plays and I stare at the screen, covering my mouth and processing what just happened.
Another might possibly be my favorite anime of this season. Sure, there are others that I really like, but Another has captured me in a different way than any anime I’ve seen before. 
And no, I’m not referring to the fact that I’ll never, ever look at umbrellas the same way again.

*Screenshots are from Another episodes 4 and 9.


  1. Umbrellas = Death. In both cases, the first peron dies by umbella.

    This show has so much suspense, but the terror is insaign. Love this terrifying show.

    1. It strikes me how anyone who hasn't seen Another could be laughing at the big deal we make over umbrellas. It does sound ridiculous outside of context, but those scenes really left their marks.

      Never seen a show that centers as much on suspense and terror as this one. It's wonderful.


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