Friday, May 20, 2011

Vineyard Roots - A Talented New Blogger

I haven't posted in a week, and even that barely counted as a post. This was partly because I really can't procrastinate on my homework anymore, partly because I just discovered Smack Jeeves, and partly because I'm trying out a few more story ideas instead of writing things I want to post here (whether these stories will last more than a dozen pages remains to be seen). I can't believe how quickly I went through my pile of back up posts.

Anyway, a friend of mine just started a blog, Vineyard Roots. She's already posted three essays and three short stories, and let me tell you; she is an excellent writer. She has a bit of otakuphobia, so you won't find anything anime-related on her blog, but I recommend checking it out anyway. I found her post "God on a Bus" particularly interesting. Her thoughts on the battle of London bus ads between Christians and atheists make a very good read.

Another little note: the professional look of her site puts me to shame. I'm definitely moving up my plans to add an about page and organize my blog. After I finish my few dozen hours of homework.

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