Sunday, July 18, 2010

Just Shred It!

Well, I recently came home after two weeks working in my aunt's office. It was a good two weeks, full of laughing, music, commuting, and... scanning. And scanning some more. Pause. Organize and file. Scan for four more days. After a few days of scanning, three words were enough to make my day.
I'd be going through a two or three inch file, scanning pages and putting them in the shred box. Sometimes, something didn't need to be scanned, and I would just put it in the box. But most of the time, I scanned it first.
Occasionally, I asked my aunt what to do with a certain paper. Sometimes, she told me how to label it. Other times, she'd give it a glance and say, "Just shred it." Those three words made me grin nearly every time, or at least made the work feel lighter.
Besides those three words, there were other highlights to my trip. Boating to work, for example, though we couldn't travel that way everyday. Once they cleared the spiderwebs, I liked to sit facing the back of the boat and watch the landscape. On days we couldn't take the boat, my aunt and I drove - two hours round trip.
At work, we listened to music at a very low volume. I brought my Toby Mac CD, my aunt brought the other two Toby Mac CD's, and we played them all at least twice.
In addition, I discovered the importance of Dr. Pepper. I usually prefer the taste of root beer, but Dr. Pepper had caffeine, which I truly needed. Without that carbonated drink, I just might have fallen asleep on the job.
For all of that, I came home with a new favorite saying: Just shred it!

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