Thursday, February 26, 2009


Current Events was fun.
It was interesting.
I liked it.

But then Ms. Halsten
Had to give us a topic
That we have to write about.

I can't find any good articles.
I'm about ready to scream.
If I don't find something good,
I might not complete this thing.

I try to be a good student.
Honest, I try hard.
I turn in my work,
Get a good grade,
And go home with a smile on my face.

This assignment is simply too hard.
It's maddening.
It's a trap.

I want to learn
What I want to learn -
So I won't do this.

But I like my grades too much
.I enjoy being thought of well.
So I'll continue my search
For a newspaper which
Has exactly what I need.

And meanwhile,
I'll think,


  1. Oh! Ha-ha sometimes I feel that way too. You put it in poetry absolutely perfectly!!

  2. poor u. :) i feel ur pain sometimes.


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