Saturday, January 17, 2009

The First Bit of a Possible New Story

Not far away, and yet not close, during years long past, there was a land in which good and evil fought for precedence. For centuries, the two grappled, destroying whole villages in the process. The government changed hands so frequently, the people never knew who was in control.
Finally, a brave knight led his men against the tyrannical forces. Victory came at last, and a new era came over the land of Wyinlay. The knight gathered the wisest in the country, and together, they forged a government which seemed infallible. The people appoint a council of ten princes to rule them. A document of law directed the princes in fairness, so that everyone was confident in their newfound peace.
And for many years, their confidence was not misplaced. Many generations lived and died without national threat. Wyinlay was prosperous. Folks from all over the world flocked to this great land. Yet even the purest and best country can become corrupt.
Slavery planted its seed in Wyinlay. It began as federal punishment, but grew into a widespread institution whose abuse knew no bounds. The document of law was twisted to allow the greed of the powerful. Taxes ruined the livelihood of the poor. Resistance was met with imprisonment, and escape with death.
A prince rose up with more evil in his heart than even the enemy from the days of old. He awed the council into following his ways. Wyinlay plummeted into a dark age.
Still, a few corners of the land were left untouched by the prince. One such place was the countryside of Allay.


  1. hmm interesting, but (plz dont slay me) it sounds a tiny idk, it just seems like a lot of big words taped together into a story. if u reword it a little bit, i think u could make it into a good story. though i must say, it might be tough to be ur darkness lifting, which is my fav. :)

  2. I don't think I'm going to continue on with this story. I'm considering a plot for a possible sequel to Darkness Lifting, but we'll see.

  3. i like it! 'cept i think the name is kinda cheesy... Wyinlay or something


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