Saturday, November 8, 2008

To Find Truth

Chapter One – by Squiddle
Once upon a time, there was a kingdom called Whidney. The center of this small kingdom lied in a green valley. The flowers there were bursting with color, and the grass flourished with a green seen nowhere else. The trees grew strong and tall, giving off a generous amount of shade. The citizens were generally cheerful and kind. They exchanged smiles in the mornings and nods in the nights, and always paused to help a poor beggar.
Often time they would look to the north, at the tall white towers, and say to themselves, “Aren’t we lucky to have such a fine king! He asks for little and gives so much. Long live the King!”
But every now and then, when they glanced south, they would spot a dark mountain, a black castle, and a forest of thorns. Then they said to themselves, “It’s been too long since I warned the children. They must never stray south. We must all beware!”
Still, all was happy in the kingdom of Whidney, and not one person suspected the trouble abrewing in that black castle on the dark mountain. For while the people worked and sang, Squiddle sat bored. When Sir Squiddle is bored, then fear should be in you, because it is when he is bored that he thinks of his most wonderful plans.
This time his plan was beautifully thought out, and it would keep him occupied for many a year. He clapped his hands and summoned his servants, then descended to the basement to work out the details. For months, he ground glass and stone. He set up gigantic mirrors and built the tallest walls. When he was done, his servants were tired, but he could not have been more pleased. The miles under his domain were transformed, and his people were in place.
Squiddle stood in his balcony and called out to his men. “Let the games begin!” His brilliant plan was prepared for takeoff.

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