Monday, November 3, 2008


I'm different then the others
Few people understand
I live by rules
And I love to learn

Being different is hard.
I don't enjoy the same things.
I exclude myslf from them.
Surrounded by friends but alone.
My life.

My best friend is my mother.
My second best has moved.
I struggle to be understood,
But my peers cannot.

I care about school.
Is that so hard to respect?
Lonliness encases me,
And stress has followed.

Does anyone have the same cares?
Who but Mom shares my burden?
To be different is difficult.
Even accompanied by love.

Separate, I cry.
Alone, I think.
I praise and I beg.
O, Father, help me.

I am different.


  1. i complete u. :I i miss u too. its almost like having my arm ripped off...unbalanced.... sigh ....

  2. I know. I'm surviving, but I miss you. If this weren't a public blog, I'd say so much more...


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