Saturday, August 9, 2008

Something to Think Over

I just read a blog post at Their was a post about Mark 1:16-18. At the end of the post, they asked what the blog readers have been reading. One girl commented about Isaiah 58. I recommend reading it, and reading her long comment on the Rebelution blog. I posted my response to her comment here.

Unfortunately, I often just open my Bible for my nightly reading, read through my chapter for the day, read a memory verse, and go to sleep. I read this blog post and a few of the comments, and I have been challenged. Too often I read through old Bible stories, especially in the Gospels, and don’t stop to think. I avoid Isaiah and Psalms because they are harder to read.I read _____'s comments, and immediately turned to Isaiah 58 for the first thoughtful reading I’ve had it weeks. Too often, I act like a Christian without thought for God. I dress modestly, I speak politely, I go on mission trips, and I help in Sunday School. Then I go home and act horribly to my sister. Like the Jews at the beginning of the chapter, my actions are ‘good’ because that’s my lifestyle. It makes me feel good. The Jews in Isaiah 58 fast and then fight and “exploit all their workers.” I ‘do good’ and then fight and take advantage of my little sister.Tonight, I think I’ll take a break from speed-reading 1 Samuel and re-read Isaiah 58.

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