Wednesday, June 11, 2008

a thought

I was just at, reading the result of a modesty survey they tool last year. In it, Christian men and boys gave advice to girls about modesty. As I was reading this, I was struck with the fact that many, many of my wonderful Christian friends don't seem to realize/consider/think about/care what their clothing (or lack there of) can do to guys. To my friends reading my blog, Don't take this personally if you think I am referring to you. There is even a grown Christian woman I look up to who doesn't always seem to realize/consider/think about/care about modesty. I think it is important that we as Christian girls and women need to check ourselves (and our closets) regulary for anything that might cause our brothers to stumble. Some of my friends might lable me obsessed with modesty. After looking at, I discovered that I am not quite as modest as I thought. Anyway, I just wanted to challenge my friends to stop and think tomorrow morning when they get dressed. Is there any way the guys around you could stumble? I'm not saying cover every part of you, but... Just a thought.

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