Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A New Story

As some of you may know, I have decided to step back from my rewriting process of Liliannalissa. I need to take a break before finishing that story. Meanwhile, I have begun a new story I am calling Darkness Lifting. It is about a girl who (don't laugh) lives in a country I made up in a middle age type world and has special abilities: she can move things without touching them. Her whole life she has been on the run from people who call her a witch.
I am considering posting regular increments on my blog. I have already finished the prologue and first chapter. Should I post my story?



    jk jk.

    it sounds really cool. im going to read the WHOLE thing this weekend since i havent yet...im so bad. :( but forgive me, i remember reading the first bit earlier, but i forgot. but as usual it was top stuffing!!


  2. Uh... thanks?
    I've only sent about four or so chapters total. I'm on chapter 11 right now. When I finish, I'll send everything I haven't sent yet to you.


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